PERCEPTION NEURON Motion Capture System for Lightweight VR Body Suit

Currently, the cost to have a complete motion capture or mocap system is quite high for the normal consumer such as students, hobbyists, freelancers and small or start-up studios. Most probably, they can’t afford it and might end up renting it for many times. Anyway, this latest Kickstarter project called “PERCEPTION NEURON” might be able to change that and give new hope to them.

Dr Tristan RL Dai the CTO of Noitom
Dr. Tristan, R.L. Dai, the CTO and Co-Founder of Noitom, talked about PERCEPTION NEURON.

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IEEE VR 2015: Virtual Reality Conference, Exhibitions & Symposium in France

IEEE VR 2015 in France

Hi guys, looks like another big event is coming up next year. The event called “IEEE VR 2015“,  The Premier International Conference and Exhibition on Virtual Reality, will be held in Arles-Camargue-Provence in France somewhere in March 2015 next year. To be exact, the five days event is from 23rd March 2015 to 27th March 2015. For your info, this is the 22nd year of the conference event which started since 1993. During the early days, it was known as Virtual Reality Annual International Symposium. For next year, the new things introduced will be the full track of lab, projects presentations and also the industrial presentations as well.
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IEEE VR 2014, The Virtual Reality Conference & Exhibitions

IEEE VR 2014 in Minnesota

On last 29th March 2014 till 2nd April 2014, there was a big event on virtual reality called IEEE VR 2014 which was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This virtual reality conference event actually has started since 1993 and during that time, it was known as Virtual Reality Annual International Symposium. During this IEEE VR event, there was a lot of workshops, presentations, tutorials, forums and discussions on topics related with virtual environments, augmented reality, 3D user interfaces and of course the virtual reality technology.
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Petal, a VR Fan to Increase Virtual Reality Immersion Level

Petal Fan for Virtual Reality VR

Perhaps, this could be the first fan designed for the specific purpose which is to increase the level of immersion for better virtual reality experience. This still-in-concept product called Petal VR fan can be plugs into wall or the USB port on the computer and then perform the job to sync the wind or air flows with the game that you are playing. Imagine that while you are playing a VR superbike racing game, then there’s a strong wind flowing down directly to your face and change the speediness depending on your acceleration on the racetrack. Sounds cool, huh?
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