What is the Definition & Meaning of Mixed Reality or MR?

Lately, there is a term emerging called “Mixed Reality” or also known as MR in the virtual reality or simulation world. Mixed reality refers to the combination or merging of virtual environment together with real environment where both of them can co-exist together. Sometimes, people also refer to it as “Hybrid Reality“.

Magic Leap the Mixed Reality MR
Magic Leap is one example of solution using Mixed Reality (MR) Technology.

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“Unreal Engine 4” Allows VR Content Creation Within Virtual Reality Itself

The popular game engine, “Unreal Engine 4” or UE4, is now allowing the developers to create the VR content within the virtual reality environment itself. This is the the first time VR content creation can happened while the developers is still inside the virtual environment. Previously, the developer need to build it “off-site” (outside VR) using the desktop or laptop and then only to test it in the VR world. That is quite an achievement for the VR developers community.

Unreal Engine 4 VR
Creating VR Content in VR Environment using Unreal Engine 4.

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What is the Definition & Meaning of Augmented Reality or AR?

Augmented reality or widely known as AR is a method to integrate, combine or overlay the real world environment with the computer-generated input. The digital input can be in the forms of graphics, sounds, video, data etc. Normally, the event takes place in the real world environment happens in a real-time manner. The term ‘Augmented Reality‘ is first introduced by Thomas Caudell, a Boeing researcher, in 1990. He used it when referring to the head-mounted display wore by the Boeing workers to put together electrical wiring harnesses for aircraft equipment.

Microsoft HoloLens
Augmented Reality technology called HoloLens from Microsoft.

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