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What is the Definition & Meaning of Virtual Reality or VR?

When people mentioned about virtual reality or VR, does the image of people wearing a helmet covering their eyes comes into your mind? I think most of us do. Is that enough to explain what is VR is all about? Well, the definition and meaning of “Virtual Reality” or also known as VR is the method or technique to simulate the feeling or experience of being inside a simulated or artificial environment which are usually generated by computer or machine. Other popular names associated with VR are artificial reality, virtual environment, telepresence or can also be cyberspace.

Nicole Stenger the VR Pioneer
Nicole Stenger, one of the VR Pioneer.

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Zero Latency’s Inversion VR for Wireless Multiplayer Virtual Reality Gaming

Zero Latency with Wireless VR System

A start-up company from Melbourne, Australia is currently working on a wireless multiplayer virtual reality gaming experience. The company called Zero Latency is using its Inversion VR system to create the virtual world environment where the players can shoot and fight the zombies and spill lot of blood. They claimed to build the only full-freedom wireless VR experience on this world. Wireless?? That sounds interesting to me…
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VR for Animals: Second Livestock with Virtual Free Range for Chickens

What?? A VR system for animals too? That sounds a little bit crazy. Well, an assistant professor from College of Design of Iowa State University (ISU), Austin Stewart, might have a way to make it happens. His latest project called Second Livestock is conceptually designed to fool the chickens by making the chicken believe that they are on a large and open field. In this project, Stewart’s main objective and goal is to treat the farm animals as humane as possible while they are breed in cages, barns or facilities where the space is too small for them to wander around. This can help to minimize their stress or depression level and thus making them more healthy and produce better quality of eggs and meat.

VR for Animals such as Chickens
Photo illustration of how Farm Animals such as Chickens use VR. (Image courtesy of Austin Stewart)

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Testing Augmented Reality (AR) with Google Glass at Multimedia University (MMU)

Last week on 10th May 2014, I got a chance to test this new tech gadget called Google Glass at Multimedia University (MMU) in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. It uses the technology related with augmented reality or famously known as AR. I think I look like a Borg character from the “Star Trek” movies only the much more good looking version 🙂

Wearing Google Glass
I’m wearing the same Google Glass that was used by Sergey Brin, the Google co-founder.

When I first donned the Google Glass, I can feel that it is very light in weight. It is like wearing the thin plastic headband on your forehead. Later, after a few setting from the demo assistance, a virtual screen appeared just in front of me. It seems like the box is floating around one metre in front of me and it looks a little bit overlapped with other real objects. Hence, to get the best effect, it is better to view it in front of a blank wall.
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