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IEEE VR 2014, The Virtual Reality Conference & Exhibitions

IEEE VR 2014 in Minnesota

On last 29th March 2014 till 2nd April 2014, there was a big event on virtual reality called IEEE VR 2014 which was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This virtual reality conference event actually has started since 1993 and during that time, it was known as Virtual Reality Annual International Symposium. During this IEEE VR event, there was a lot of workshops, presentations, tutorials, forums and discussions on topics related with virtual environments, augmented reality, 3D user interfaces and of course the virtual reality technology.
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Petal, a VR Fan to Increase Virtual Reality Immersion Level

Petal Fan for Virtual Reality VR

Perhaps, this could be the first fan designed for the specific purpose which is to increase the level of immersion for better virtual reality experience. This still-in-concept product called Petal VR fan can be plugs into wall or the USB port on the computer and then perform the job to sync the wind or air flows with the game that you are playing. Imagine that while you are playing a VR superbike racing game, then there’s a strong wind flowing down directly to your face and change the speediness depending on your acceleration on the racetrack. Sounds cool, huh?
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Virtual Reality (VR) is the Gaming Trend at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo)


At this year’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) event which commence from 10-12 June 2014, virtual reality is expected to be one of the hot gaming trends. I expect that a lot of Oculus Rift game prototypes will be shown here. This is due to the fact that there are more than 85,000 Oculus VR development kits have been sold to the developers all around the world. But sadly, this event is just one month before the release of Oculus Rift second generation development kit which will fix some of the issues with the previous headset such as latency and resolution.

Beside Oculus Rift, I also expect there will be more demos from Sony’s Project Morpheus as well. Anyway, this will be the time to bring back the VR hype once again. Hopefully, there will be other suprises from other VR manufacturers or developers too. I really looking forward to it.
For more info, you can visit:
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2) “5 Gaming Trends to Watch for at E3” from Mashable.

Mecca 3D from Brainseed Factory assists Muslim Pilgrims with Virtual Hajj & Umrah Rituals

Mecca 3D

Recently, an application called “Mecca 3D” was released in May 2014 that can assist the potential Muslim pilgrims to practise the rituals first by performing the virtual hajj and umrah using VR technology before they go to the real location. With the tagline “An Interactive Journey to Islam“, the Muslim and non-Muslims can immerse themselves in the virtual reality or 3D world of Islamic culture, religion, events and experience to better understand the Islamic teaching.
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