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Why VR? What I Like, Love & Passionate About Virtual Reality Very Much?

I Love VR

Why VR? This is a question that haunted me for a very, very long time. From many other subjects or disciplines, but why VR or Virtual Reality that I like or love very much. Why I am so passionate about VR? I really took my time to think deep about this passion. There’s something about VR that makes me crazy and can’t stop thinking about it.
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“3D-Haptics Technology” from Miraisens Enhance VR Touchable & Sensory Experience

Recently, Miraisens, a Japan company, introduced “3D-Haptics Technology” where user can experience the presence of 3D objects as if they existed there physically even in the virtual world. For those who don’t know, haptic technology or also known as haptics is a way to recreate the feeling or sense of touch by applying the forces, motions or vibrations to the users.

In this case, “3D-Haptics Technology” enables the VR user to experience the presence feeling, touch feeling of roughness, and reaction feeling of grasping, pushing and pulling the 3D objects. Hence, this can greatly enhance and improve the VR touchable and sensory experience in virtual environment.

Miraisens 3D-Haptics

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Samsung Gear VR, the Wireless & Mobile Virtual Reality Headset with Note 4

Recently, Samsung has announced its latest product called “Gear VR” which is a wireless and mobile virtual reality headset. This VR headset is designed to work together with the upcoming Samsung Note 4. You just snap, slip or dock the Samsung Note 4 into the headset and you will be immediately transported into the cinematic virtual reality environment. This is an awesome news for me and will be a good reason for me to upgrade from my current Note 2. Hopefully soon, we can see a new virtual reality phenomenon at Samsung store where everybody will be busy trying out this cool stuff. Below is how it looks like…

Samsung Gear VR

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VRTX: The Mobile Virtual Reality Solution using LG G3 Handset from Vortex VR

VRTX from Vortex VR

Recently, Vortex VR introduced VRTX, the mobile virtual reality solution which comes in the form of a mobile VR headset. However, it does not come with its own built-in-display. Instead, it will leverage on the LG G3 handset as the display tool which run on Android OS. For your info, Vortex VR collaborates with its technology partners, GameFace Labs and 3D Systems (3DS), to produce this cool mobile virtual reality headset. 3D Systems is the one that custom printed the VR headset using the Selective Laser Sintering process. Just to let you know, Vortex VR’s headquarter is at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. Cool….

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