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Interview with John Carmack, the Oculus VR CTO, in Fortune

John Carmack the Oculus VR CTO
John Carmack wearing the Samsung Gear VR
Innovator Edition. (Photograph by Nancy Newberry
for Fortune)

I have read the interview with John Carmack, the Oculus VR CTO, in Fortune. Okay, he is not just a CTO but he is also the gaming legend or “God of Gaming Industry”. To summarize the whole interview, according to him, the future for virtual reality is bright and it is not just only for gamers.

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ArX Solutions Using “ArXperience 3D” To Help Sell Real Estate & Properties

Most of the time, whenever people want to buy houses, condos or offices, they would like to see the actual looks of the properties when they are completed. That’s why most of the properties developers will build demo houses or showrooms for the potential buyers to visit before deciding whether to purchase it or not. However, the problem is the potential buyer might need to travel a bit far to the developer’s site to view the show rooms. Perhaps, in the future, things will change with virtual reality technology.

ArXperience 3D using Real-Time Visualization

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