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YouTube introduced 360-Degree Video with Google VR Cardboard Mode

Few days ago, YouTube launched a new video format that might be vital and revolutionary for virtual reality industry. It introduced a 360-degree video ad where Bud Light is the first advertiser experimenting with this kind of VR video format. It runs on the Google’s True View ad platform and the video is produced by Jaunt virtual reality company,  a virtual reality company in Palo Alto.

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Does “Immersive Imaging” Mentioned by Nokia is a VR Technology?

Nokia Rajeev Suri
Nokia CEO, Rajeev Suri. (Image from

Recently, during Nokia shareholder meeting, their CEO who is Rajeev Suri mentioned about one area that the company is pursuing right now. That area is called immersive imaging. By looking at the word, my first guess is that it might have something to do with virtual reality,  augmented reality or simulated environment. At this moment, there is no detail on it yet. So guys, please keep guessing…

According to Re/Code, during an event planned to be next week in Los Angeles, Nokia will unveil it first major project which might be closely related with VR. If this happens to be real, then Nokia will be jumping into the VR bandwagon together with Oculus, Sony, Samsung, Google, Facebook & Microsoft. The VR world will definitely getting more exciting.

The product that the Finnish company plan to show next week comes from Nokia Technologies. Previously, Nokia Technologies has produced a tablet called Nokia N1. According to them, they are working on technology to enable the Programmable World, where everything and everyone will be connected. Perhaps, their immersive imaging product will make it happen faster and more real.
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