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NVIDIA’s “VR Funhouse” Powered by VRWorks & GameWorks Technology

NVIDIA VR Funhouse Game

On 14th July 2016, NVIDIA announced its first ever game application to the public. It is quite a surprising move since we all know that NVIDIA is mostly focusing on the graphics cards chips, technology and tools rather than the gaming application itself. The game called “VR Funhouse” is a virtual carnival ¬†full of fun-fair games. You can test your skills in seven mini-games that may involved actions such as shooting, archering, cannoning, punching, boxing and whacking game. Sounds like a lot of fun….
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Google Daydream: The New Mobile VR Ecosystem & Platform

Google Daydream

Recently, during Google I/O 2016 event, Google has announced its new venture in the VR industry. Called as ‘Daydream‘, it is a new platform for low-latency, immersive and interactive mobile virtual reality. It is another VR arm of Google beside the existing Cardboard. While Cardboard provides a light-weight, fun, simple and affordable way for people to play around with VR apps, Daydream aspires to be a high quality mobile virtual reality. You can called it as the successor to Cardboard too. Based on these two big initiatives, it clearly looks that Google is targeting the mobile market for VR.

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Microsoft HoloLens for Holographic Computing & Mixed Reality

With the recent “Pokemon Go” fever, the society interest are back to AR (Augment Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality) stuff. Some are going a bit further by creating an unofficial HoloLens demo for Pokemon Go as demonstrated by CapitolaVR. When Microsoft announced HoloLens sometime ago, they are looking at is as a new type of computing which is holographic computing. With this capability, it enables you to work, visualize and interact with your digital content and objects.

Microsoft Hololens

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