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VR Roller Coaster Ride at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort

This is a chance for you to try out the VR roller coaster. The Great LEGO Race at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort is using this new concept for their latest attraction. In this ride, you will sit inside a real roller coaster and at the same time you need to wear a VR headset to feel…
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VR Keyboard Using Logitech BRIDGE Software Development Kit

Well, how do you want to type in the virtual reality environment? Looks like somebody already got the answer to it. Recently, Vincent Tucker, the Director of Innovations and Strategy at Logitech announced that their latest peripheral known as BRIDGE SDK (Software Development Kit) is able to function and works like a VR keyboard. Without you taking…
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EdSim Challenge Announced Osso VR as the Winner of the Competition

EdSim Challenge recently announced Osso VR as the winner of the EdSim Challenge. Osso VR comes up with the hands-on surgical training platform to win this competition. With this solution, users particularly healthcare professionals able to practise cutting edge techniques through realistic, hands-on simulations.

“Access Mars” Allows Walking on The Red Planet with WebVR Experiments

Great news for the Mars fan!! You can now have a chance to “walk” on the Mars surface by using the browser in the Access Mars site. Beside walking on the Red Planet, you will also have the opportunity to have the closer view of the legendary rover, Curiosity, and find out the discoveries made…
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