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VR fighting using real robot

Combining VR Fighting with Real Robot as Opponent

Nowadays, you can play the fighting or martial art games in VR where you can play it alone by yourself. Unfortunately, playing alone does not make it feel real because you don’t feel the impact on your body or face. The most that you can get is the vibration on your controllers or perhaps the…
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Ford using Gravity Sketch for VR

Ford & Gravity Sketch Collaborate to Design Cars in VR

We found that what Ford, a giant automobile company, is doing with VR technology is cool and great. With the help of HTC Vive headset and its controllers and also a tool called Gravity Sketch, Ford is working on the new way of designing cars which is totally done in the virtual reality environment itself.…
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VR Experience on Buses with #FlixVR

A bus service from Europe called FlixBus is now offering the virtual reality experience on their long-distance buses. They called it as “#FlixVR“. Yeap, with a hashtag. It is a pilot exercise that will run for three months. Some sort like an experiment for the bus. The good thing is that it is a free…
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Soft Virtual Touch or Haptic Interactions Using Sleeve or Armband from USC

Dr. Heather Culbertson and her “magical” haptic sleeve. (Credit: USC) Recently, a team from Department of Computer Science in USC (University of Southern California) has come up with a way to make your virtual reality experience to be more interesting. Normally, the current haptics technology makes you feel like being buzzed or zapped. Ouch!! Thanks…
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