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Oculus Removes Hardware Checks DRM (Digital Rights Management)

In the latest breaking news, Oculus has decided to remove its hardware checks as part of the DRM. For your info, DRM stands for “Digital Rights Management” where it is a copy protection technologies for the purpose of controlling and restricting the usage of the digital content and devices which are proprietary and copyrighted works.

Samsung Gear 360, the VR Camera for Consumer Usage

Recently, Samsung launched its own VR camera called “Samsung Gear 360“. It looks like a small spherical orb that is easy to hold. It is perfect for the consumer usage where they can shoot in live view mode, then stich and edit the 360-degree footage with ease. The result is best viewed using Samsung Gear VR…
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Fox Sports & NextVR Embarking on Watching Games in Virtual Reality

How do you feel if you can watch your favorite sport games in virtual reality mode? In the latest news, Fox Sports is embarking on running a VR streams from the 116th U.S Open at Oakmont from 16th June to 19th June 2016. It is a five years deal between Fox Sports and NextVR. Not…
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HTC Vive, A Motion Tracking VR System, Is Now Available for Pre-Order

There is good news for VR enthusiast out there. Recently on 29th February 2016, HTC Vive, an immersive motion tracking virtual reality system from HTC and Valve, is now officially open for pre-order. You can get it at the price of USD799.00. It sounds a little bit pricey, isn’t it? So, with that kind of price,…
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