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Capability to Sniff & Adding Sense of Smell in VR

The Olfactory VR System for Mice (Credit: Dombeck Laboratory) Currently in virtual reality world, the three most popular senses used are the visual, followed by audio and third is the touch. But imagine if one day we are able to sniff the smell of the roses or hot, black coffee in the virtual environment. Great,…
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How to Make Simple VR Scenery Photos Using Cardboard Camera?

  Some of you might wonder how to create your own cool VR photos with low cost? The answer might just be around your corner. One of the way is to use an app from Google called “Cardboard Camera“. The result of the images is nearly in 360-degree and in 3D stereoscopic format.

What is WebVR & How Does It Work?

What is WebVR? Basically, it is an open specification using JavaScript API that introduce a way to experience virtual reality by using your browser. The main objective is to make everyone has the opportunity to have the VR experience regardless of the device they have. This noble initiative is started by Vladimir Vukicevic from Mozilla…
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What is the Difference Between VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) & MR (Mixed Reality)?

Sometimes, people keep asking the difference between VR, AR and MR where the terms seems can be used interchangeably. These three words, VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality), are very confusing to new people in the industry. Especially in this era of reality technology that keep advancing and progressing. Let’s look at…
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