ANTVR: A Universal Virtual Reality Kit with VR Open Source Concept

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ANTVR: A Universal Virtual Reality Kit with VR Open Source Concept

ANTVR VR Gadgets

This company from China is planning to go big with its own virtual reality concept. This company called ANTVR provides the all-in-one universal virtual reality kit which consists of the headset together with the transformable and convertible controller.

On the ANTVR headgear, it uses the aspherical lens where it is able to display the games that weren’t initially designed to work with it. Thus, it works like a portable headgear which can make the developer’s life easier since it can support many types of platforms such as PC Windows games, PlayStation, Xbox and Android games.

But I think the greatest part is the ANTVR controller. Its controller are so amazing that it can be split, fold and turns into multi-purpose controller. From gun, it can turns into a joystick, game console controller, sword, light saber and grenade. Watch the video below to believe it.

Although the ANTVR headgear and its awesome controller are proprietary VR technology, but the designs and firmware for the wireless receiver are open source. Thus, user can write any software program to works together with ANTVR gadgets and also to control other devices. This VR open source concept will enable it to be plug into multiple gaming consoles and other kind of hardware.

According to Qin Zheng, the ANTVR founder, they will give the developer all the documentation and libraries.Since they are a newcomer to virtual reality scene, it will be a bit challenge for them to build the trust from the VR community. For more info, you can visit:
1) The Official ANTVR Website.
2) “Out in the Open: A Virtual Reality Gadget That Anyone Can Hack” from WIRED.

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