ArX Solutions Using “ArXperience 3D” To Help Sell Real Estate & Properties

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ArX Solutions Using “ArXperience 3D” To Help Sell Real Estate & Properties

Most of the time, whenever people want to buy houses, condos or offices, they would like to see the actual looks of the properties when they are completed. That’s why most of the properties developers will build demo houses or showrooms for the potential buyers to visit before deciding whether to purchase it or not. However, the problem is the potential buyer might need to travel a bit far to the developer’s site to view the show rooms. Perhaps, in the future, things will change with virtual reality technology.

ArXperience 3D using Real-Time Visualization

ArX Solutions & ArXperience 3D

ArX Solutions is a 3D architectural visualization firm where they are specialize in providing CG (computer graphics) solutions for charrettes, architectural workshops and master planning. Currently, they provide the landscapes and 3D videos of the properties to their clients. Now, they are planning to move on to the next visualization method which is by using virtual reality or in their own word, “Real-Time Visualization“. With this approach, people will go to the booth or sales centre, ask standard questions and then put on the VR helmet to take the virtual tour of the properties. This might be able to help sell the real estate and properties to the prospects and close sales easily and faster.

ArX Solutions introduce ArXperience 3D

They named this solution “ArXperience 3D” where they are using Oculus Rift headset to view their real-time architectural design. ArX Solutions have presented the ArXperience to major properties developers such as Trump Group, PMG, Fortune International Group, Rilea, Key International and also to brokerages such as  Fortune Realty, Douglas Elliman, One World Properties, Cervera Real Estate and Opulence International Realty.

At this moment, this kind of approach is not popular yet due to VR software and hardware limitations such as bugs, refresh rate, barfogenic etc. Furthermore, the VR technology is still immature for the consumer market. Actually, the main real challenges for ArX Solutions is how to make the real-time renderings as gorgeous and impressive as the static and still 3D renderings because the developers already get used to that rendering standard. And also how to improve the visualization of the “not-so-pretty-part” of the architectural design in the real-time visualization so the potential buyers do not get turn down by it.

However, once the main issues are resolved and VR stuffs start to pick up and used by many developers, then it is a must have technology for them because the clients, prospects or potential buyers will start asking for it because other developers have it. It will be the same scenario where previously only few hotels provide WiFi services. Then suddenly, it seems to be a must have services for the hotels in order to compete with others.

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