Interview with John Carmack, the Oculus VR CTO, in Fortune

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Interview with John Carmack, the Oculus VR CTO, in Fortune

John Carmack the Oculus VR CTO
John Carmack wearing the Samsung Gear VR
Innovator Edition. (Photograph by Nancy Newberry
for Fortune)

I have read the interview with John Carmack, the Oculus VR CTO, in Fortune. Okay, he is not just a CTO but he is also the gaming legend or “God of Gaming Industry”. To summarize the whole interview, according to him, the future for virtual reality is bright and it is not just only for gamers.

From John Carmack’s perspective, previous VR technology is focusing on the niche markets such as military and research. Only now, the focus shift to the mass market and further popularize using the cellphone or wireless approach. He is also very excited about the prospect of mobile VR where soon we can carry VR stuffs together with us so we can use it anywhere and anytime.

The current challenge with the mobile VR is on the mobile devices capacity and power. The current mobile spec might limiting the duration of time the users can engaged in VR world. In his vision, he wants to see people can stay in VR mode for hours at a time. Perhaps that’s why, he really appreciate the mobile deal partnership between Oculus VR and Samsung. For your info, recently the two companies jointly-developed the Samsung Gear VR. I can’t wait to try it myself once they commercially launch the product.

However, for one of the questions from Fortune which is “What are the nonentertainment opportunities you see in virtual reality?“, I think Carmack didn’t responded to it very well. I hope to get the answer such as the possible killer applications of VR other than gaming, movies and films. Something that the consumer really need to use VR to perform it and there is no other substitute or alternative to it. Not something for filling the time. Maybe Carmack is really a game enthusiast or he’s just trying to keep the idea to himself first at this moment 😉

About John Carmack

John D. Carmack is a very great icon in the gaming industry and 3D graphics. He was born on 20th August 1970 and he grew up in Kansas City Metropolitan Area. He is widely known as the co-founder of id Software and he is also recognized as the brain, think-tank and lead programmer behind successful games such as “Doom“, “Quake“, “Commander Keen” and “Wolfenstein 3D“. He joined Oculus VR in August 2013 and becomes their CTO. He also has great interest in rocketry and thus founded Armadillo Aerospace where the company had competed in several NASA contests. Pretty impressive, rite? Nope. That’s damn impressive!!!

John Carmack at GDC 2010
John Carmack at GDC 2010.

You can read the full interview and Q&A here.

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