New VR Reference Design Based On Qualcomm Snapdragon 845

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New VR Reference Design Based On Qualcomm Snapdragon 845


Qualcomm Snapdragon 845

Recently, Qualcomm announced their new VR reference platform design. The design is based on their Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Mobile platform. For those not familiar, Snapdragon is actually a semiconductor chip which has a suite of system on it or simply known as SoC (System on a Chip).

This SoC is build specifically for mobile devices and mostly contains CPU cores, GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), wireless modem, software or hardware that can support GPS (Global Positioning System), camera, video and other built-in capabilities of the smartphone.

How the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 can benefit the VR users?

From the high level, this new Snapdragon 845 technology can provide better quality in VR experience with the lower latency and higher frame rates around 120 FPS per eye.  With this kind of improvement, the users will experience better and smoother head tracking performance.

Beside that, it also improve the power efficiency and optimizations around 30 percent. The graphics performance also is becoming faster by 30 percent. And not to forget, it can deliver double amount of display throughput than the previous Snapdragon 835.

But one of the main and cool features of it is the Adreno Foveation, a digital image processing technique. How it work is that, the eye tracking feature will try to understand where the users are currently looking at. Once identified, it will use its highest graphics performance at that spot to make the visuals at that focus area become as sharp as possible.

Another awesome stuff is the Roomscale capability that use the six degrees of freedom (6DoF) head tracking together with simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). With this design, beside tracking your body and location in the room, it also create and update a map of your physical environment on real-time.  The benefit is that, users can see the room size and avoid the real-life obstacles such as chair or table in their surrounding.

And the platform can integrate the objects in the real world into the virtual world. For example by converting the real-life chair into a virtual magical throne. With this new Roomscale approach, users can walk freely without being attached and tangled up with wires. Furthermore, they can cut their cost since there is no need to install separate room sensors to track their movement. This feature is very significant since they claimed it as the first time happen for mobile VR. Cool…..

Another feature is the voice command capability or also known as Voice UI . It also supports the 3D audio so the users can hear sound like they hear it in real life.

Most of these awesome stuffs are coming from the Hexagon 685 DSP (Digital Signal Processor), Adrena 630 Visual Processing Subsystem and Spectra 280 ISP  (Image Signal Processor) which are within the Snapdragon 845.

In their press release, many big companies such as Oculus, Google, HTC and Facebook praise them on this. Sounds like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 is a game changer for mobile VR industry in 2018. Hope to see more of it. For more info, you can read it at:
1) “Qualcomm Announces New Snapdragon 845 Mobile VR Reference Design To Fuel Next-Generation VR Experiences” from Qualcomm.
2) “Snapdragon 845: Immersing you in a brave new world of XR” from OnQ Blog.

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