Oculus Removes Hardware Checks DRM (Digital Rights Management)

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Oculus Removes Hardware Checks DRM (Digital Rights Management)

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In the latest breaking news, Oculus has decided to remove its hardware checks as part of the DRM. For your info, DRM stands for “Digital Rights Management” where it is a copy protection technologies for the purpose of controlling and restricting the usage of the digital content and devices which are proprietary and copyrighted works.

Effect to Oculus’s DRM…

So, what does it mean? Previously, Oculus is very strict to block their games from being played on HTC Vive. Some of its popular game titles are “Lucky’s Tale“, “EVE: Valkyrie“, “Chronos“, “Farlands” and “AirMech Command“. Believe me, there’s a lot more superb games for their VR headset and you can see the full list here. With the recent removal of the hardware checks by Oculus themselves, it means that now you can play the Oculus games on non-Oculus VR platform too such as HTC Vive. That’s a very surprising news, isn’t it? It will be like a cross-platform model.

This changes is firstly discovered by the Revive developers. Revive is a group that will try to find a way or develop patch to make the Oculus exclusive games to be playable on its rival HTC Vive. They noticed that in the Oculus Runtime 1.5, the top VR company removed the headset checks from the DRM. Just after the news beginning to spread, then only Oculus make a statement about that.

What do you think of this latest move by Oculus? It looks like a healthy move to further flourish the VR industry and make it more excited and faster to be embraced by the mass market segment. For more info, you can visit:
1) “Oculus reverses course, dumps its VR headset-checking DRM” from Ars Technica.
2) GitHub LibreVR/Revive site.
3) “Oculus will no longer use software to block Rift games from playing on the Vive” from Polygon.

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