It’s Official: ZeniMax Media Inc & id Software LLC vs Oculus VR, Inc & Palmer Luckey

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It’s Official: ZeniMax Media Inc & id Software LLC vs Oculus VR, Inc & Palmer Luckey

It is now official. Last 21st May, 2014, ZeniMax Media Inc together with its subsidiary, id Software LLC, filed a lawsuit against Oculus VR and Palmer Luckey. The case number is ‘14-cv-01849-P‘ and it was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Dallas division.

ZeniMax Vs Oculus VR

Their major claims are unlawful exploitation and infringement of its IP (Intellectual Property) where it includes trade secrets, copyrighted computer code and technical know-how related to virtual reality technology. According to ZeniMax, the virtual reality IP is owned exclusively by ZeniMax especially during the time when John Carmack was still employed at id Software.

From Oculus VR standpoint, ZeniMax have no contribution to any Oculus VR technology especially those that made Oculus Rift a success. Hence, Oculus VR will defend the claims vigorously and this might be the bloodiest battle in virtual reality industry in history ever. For more info, you can read it at:
1) “Oculus VR Sued Over Virtual-Reality Technology Trade Secrets” from Bloomberg Businessweek.
2) “Zenimax officially sues Oculus over virtual reality tech” from Gamasutra. You can download the full version of the filed complaint here.

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