OPTIS, the Optical & Lighting Simulation Company for Advanced Visualization in VR

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OPTIS, the Optical & Lighting Simulation Company for Advanced Visualization in VR

Ever wonder how to enhance the realism and most important of all the accuracy and precision in your virtual reality environment? Well, perhaps OPTIS might have the answer to that. OPTIS which is the leader in optical and lighting simulation since 1989 is also providing advanced visualization solutions for virtual reality or VR industry. I think that’s where the tagline “From Optics to Virtual Reality” coming from.

OPTIS Company Logo

By using the physics based simulation of light, material, human vision & ergonomics, OPTIS solutions able to enhance the quality, accuracy and the realism of 3D virtual prototyping. Thus, their solutions can produce impressive, hyper-realistic, accurate and precise renderings that can contribute to the decision making process in the product development of the car, aircraft, electronics and lighting manufacturers.

OPTIS provides both the software and hardware solutions. In terms of hardware, their products, OMS2 and OMS4 (OPTIS Material Scanner), is the optical measurement system which can measure and import optical properties of your materials, light sources and surfaces into your virtual product. Once you use these products to scan or capture the colours, materials, surfaces and textures of the objects, you can drag and drop these data directly to the visualization software. Hence, you can apply the data to your virtual prototypes immediately.

OMS2 OMS4 OPTIS Material Scanner
OMS2 (left) & OMS4 (right), the OPTIS Material Scanner.

On the software side, OPTIS software is fully or 100% physics based. This is done by incorporating the photometry, colorimetry, optics, lighting simulation, photorealism and visual ergonomics into it. Furthermore, it SPEOS software family is CIE 171: 2006 certified which means that the certification validates SPEOS algorithms based on physics law. It is also fully integrated into popular CAD/CAM/CAE applications such as CATIA V5, SolidWorks, PTC / CREO and Siemens NX.

OPTIS Software Range
The list of software solutions from OPTIS.

On the virtual reality solution, OPTIS has a solution called “H.I.M” or Human Integrated Manufacturing where it is a fully immersive virtual reality tool that allows engineers to explore the digital mock-up easily in the virtual environment. It comes with the stereoscopic visualization and the users are able to experiment with a tracked manikin. It also allows a full body motion capture which incorporates the collision detection, interaction with the environment measurement tools and visual ergonomics.

OPTIS HIM Human Integrated Manufacturing

Another one is VRXperience where it offers a real time interactive experiment simulator that will allow you to test your virtual prototype in a highly realistic 3D environment. The embedded equipment such as instrument panel, adaptive lights, glass cockpits, heads-up display (HUD) and so on can now be virtually checked, managed and validated compared to light environment. It can also simulate multiple lighting configurations with various scenarios such as day and night time driving, types of road conditions and weather conditions. VRXperience is fully stereoscopic and immersive user interface compatible. Below are the two pictures from the VRXperience simulator under different conditions.

OPTIS VRXperience Driving
OPTIS VRXperience Simulator

Actually, there are many other solutions from OPTIS that were able to help businesses and people to optimize perceived quality, ergonomics and visual signature of their future product. For more info, you can visit OPTIS official website at http://www.optis-world.com/. I think scientists, engineers, lab guys, ergonomists and researchers will appreciate the info inside this website.

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