Petal, a VR Fan to Increase Virtual Reality Immersion Level

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Petal, a VR Fan to Increase Virtual Reality Immersion Level

Petal Fan for Virtual Reality VR

Perhaps, this could be the first fan designed for the specific purpose which is to increase the level of immersion for better virtual reality experience. This still-in-concept product called Petal VR fan can be plugs into wall or the USB port on the computer and then perform the job to sync the wind or air flows with the game that you are playing. Imagine that while you are playing a VR superbike┬áracing game, then there’s a strong wind flowing down directly to your face and change the speediness depending on your acceleration on the racetrack. Sounds cool, huh?

According to Windustries, the Petal VR fan creator, the gadget can change the air speed dynamically. Besides, it also has the built in “Thrust Vectoring” for directional air control. You can watch the video below to fully understand what Petal is all about and its expected capability.

This Petal project is currently raising its fund via Kickstarter, a crowd funding site, so that they can fully finish the product and then move on to large scale production. For more info, you can visit:
1) The Official Petal Website.
2) “Petal: Fan for Virtual Reality” from Kickstarter.
3) “Petal Fan For Virtual Reality Adds Extra Immersion” from Geeky Gadgets.

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