RiftCycles Project: Riding the Light Cycle inside the TRON World

RiftCycles Project

If you have watch the TRON movies especially “TRON: Legacy“, you will definitely feel over excited looking at the above picture. This Light Cycle simulator above is made by The Arcade Man and the design looks similar as the one used by the film main character, Kevin Flynn.

This “RiftCycles Project” use the game made with Unity, a game development ecosystem,¬†which is developed by Overflow Interactive, a portuguese startup. The game is about the Light Cycle battle which takes place in the dark digital TRON world. Luckily, the game is fully compatible with the Oculus Rift. While the players can fully enjoy the immersiveness of the virtual reality racing game, I wish that the players will not be trapped there forever (like in the movie). For more pictures and info on how this simulator is made, you can visit http://thearcademan.net/riftcycles-project/.

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