Samsung Gear 360, the VR Camera for Consumer Usage

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Samsung Gear 360, the VR Camera for Consumer Usage

Samsung Gear 360 the VR Camera

Recently, Samsung launched its own VR camera called “Samsung Gear 360“. It looks like a small spherical orb that is easy to hold. It is perfect for the consumer usage where they can shoot in live view mode, then stich and edit the 360-degree footage with ease. The result is best viewed using Samsung Gear VR and the Galaxy smartphone. Furthermore, it is compatible with Google Street View app. So once you capture your photo spheres, you can immediately publish it to the app and share it all over the world.

The VR Camera Specs….

Samsung Gear 360 has dual lenses, front and rear, where each of them able to capture the wide-angled images or videos in 180 degrees horizontally and vertically. This enable the user to create a seamless and complete 360-degree field of view of VR experience. It has a high resolution details where it can produce up to 3840 x 1920 high resolution video. And for the images, it is able to capture up to 7776 x 3888 (25.9MP) photos. Furthermore, with the F2.0 Fisheye bright lens, the images captured are more lively. Cool, huh?

Besides the new VR camera, Samsung also has rebranded its VR content platform. They change it name from Milk VR to Samsung VR. Now, the VR content portal able to support  the user generated content as well. Users are now able to upload their creation there for viewing and sharing purposes.

To make things more excited, there will also be Samsung Creators initiative in July where there will be a competition for the VR enthusiasts and 360-degree content creators. Ten winners will be chosen from each categories. The main objective is to perfecting the art of VR storytelling.

As of now, the price of Samsung Gear 360 is around $350 in U.S. For more info, you can visit:
1) The Official Website of Samsung Gear 360.
2) “Samsung Launches Virtual Reality Camera, Content Creators Initiative” from The Hollywood Reporter.

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