“Unreal Engine 4” Allows VR Content Creation Within Virtual Reality Itself

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“Unreal Engine 4” Allows VR Content Creation Within Virtual Reality Itself

The popular game engine, “Unreal Engine 4” or UE4, is now allowing the developers to create the VR content within the virtual reality environment itself. This is the the first time VR content creation can happened while the developers is still inside the virtual environment. Previously, the developer need to build it “off-site” (outside VR) using the desktop or laptop and then only to test it in the VR world. That is quite an achievement for the VR developers community.

Unreal Engine 4 VR
Creating VR Content in VR Environment using Unreal Engine 4.

Cool Unreal Engine 4 VR Editor…

So, how they do it? This is is done by adding the VR mode to the Unreal Editor. Unreal Editor is a tool that the developers use to make the games, simulations, contents and solutions. As compared with conventional mouse and keyboard input device that only allows two degrees of freedom, for this one, you need the headset and motion controller to use the VR Editor. This new VR Editor will allow developers to perform complex 3D actions using hand movements where the engine can track the head and hands with six degrees of freedom.

The Youtube video clip below from Unreal Engine will show us briefly how to use the VR Editor to create the VR content. Here we can see Tim Sweeney and Mike Fricker from Epic Games are using HTC Vive and Oculus motion controls to do stuff. Check this out….

Awesome, isn’t it? You can try it yourself since the Unreal Engine technology is given out for free by Epic Games. The catch is when you already successfully ship a product using their technology. When the time comes, you need to pay them 5% royalty on gross revenue after the first $3,000 per quarter. Sweet deal…

If we can fix the nausea or motion sickness issue in VR, perhaps, this is the new way to do assignments and tasks for the architectural, construction and the design subjects in the near future. Like what Tim Sweeney, the founder and CEO of Epic Games, said, this is a game-changer for VR developers. Kudos to the Epic Games team for upgrading its Unreal Engine 4 technology to makes this happen. For more info, you can read it at:
1) The Official VR Site of Unreal Engine.
2) “Now Virtual Reality Content Can Be Created in VR for Free” from Fortune.
3) “Watch a Designer Build A Virtual Reality Game – Inside Virtual Reality” from Fast Company.

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