View-Master Virtual Reality Viewer Sold on Apple’s Online Store

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View-Master Virtual Reality Viewer Sold on Apple’s Online Store

During my childhood, I remember using a product called “View-Master” to view the stereoscopic 3D like static images by inserting the round cardboard in the middle of the device. You know what? That guy is BACKKK!!! Apple is now selling a virtual reality viewer, called as “View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack” on its Online Store.

View-Master VR Viewer

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Instead of only using the round cardboard, users can insert ther iPhone into this device and experience the VR moment. But first, you must download and install the View-Master apps to your phone. Second, you need to slide your iPhone into the viewer as shown in the images below. Third step is to place the included Preview Reel in front of you. Later, you will see the 3D augmented reality menu appears. Last thing to do is then to click the lever to launch yourself into the immersive world.

More or less, it is the same way like how you use Google Cardboard but in a more solid casing and it firmly clamped your handset on it. Just to add, it is also not a hands-free gadget, so you need to hold the viewer up to your eyes.

For your info, the Starter Pack will only contains sample VR apps such as “Space“, “Destinations” and “National Geographic: Wildlife“. If you want to have more,  then you can purchase “View-Master VR Experience Packs“. I think the main target of this product is for children since they keep on mentioning that this viewer is a kid-friendly device.

View-Master VR Starter Pack

At this moment, when we visit the Apple’s Online Store, the price is still $29.95 (nearly $30). Perhaps, you can check and compare the price in other stores as well. Anyway, just to make it sounds “awesome”, this is the first ever VR product sold by Apple in its store.

Although Apple does not have its own VR headset yet, this new product on it shelves really shows that Apple is getting more serious in the VR industry. Furthermore, although Apple is quite a latecomer to the VR scene, but historically, Apple has proven that they will be in the top list in no time once they entered the market seriously. For more info, you can visit:
1) The “View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack” site in Apple’s Online Store.
2) “Apple Inc.: AAPL Tests Virtual Reality Waters With View-Master” from InvestorPlace.

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