Virtual Reality Running Experience in “Digital Virgin Money London Marathon”

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Virtual Reality Running Experience in “Digital Virgin Money London Marathon”

On the coming 26th April 2015 which is next year, runners all around the world can participate in the first digital marathon ever organized in this planet. This spectacular event called “Digital Virgin Money London Marathon” will be organized by the Virgin Money London Marathon and Paofit. For your info, Paofit is a company which make the experience of running on treadmill to be more fun and social by combining the HD video of running courses with the virtual reality avatars. Sounds awesome, rite?

Digital Virgin Money London Marathon

Right now via the ballot system, only 30,000 can run in the actual London Marathon race, but the other 130,000 will missed the chance to participate in the legendary event due to unsuccessful ballot for places. Hence, this digital event is a good chance for those who are unlucky in the ballot since now they can also seems to be participate in the event too. In this digital event, the participants can run the 26.2 miles course from their own treadmill.

So, how they can do it? Basically, first they need to download the Paofit app and also the Digital Virgin Money London Marathon Showcase into their iPad (Sorry, only iPad for now). Next, connect the iPad to the Life Fitness treadmill with a Life Fitness Track+ or Discover console treadmills. Once start running, runners can enjoy the feeling of running on the course in real time and the treadmill inclination will reflect the course terrain. For this upcoming digital event, the runners can also see the famous landmarks of the Cutty Sark, Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf, the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and The Mall.

The best thing is, you can also see the other fellow runners in virtual avatars form in real-time as they pass you or when you overtake them. Sounds like racing in the “Need For Speed” multiplayer game to me. For more info, you can visit:
1) The Official Website of Digital Virgin Money London Marathon.
2) The Official Website of Paofit.
3) “Virtual reality opens London Marathon” from The News.
4) “Guaranteed entry for the London Marathon – through virtual reality” from Inside The Games.

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