VR Roller Coaster Ride at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort

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VR Roller Coaster Ride at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort

VR Roller Coaster at Legoland

This is a chance for you to try out the VR roller coaster. The Great LEGO Race at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort is using this new concept for their latest attraction. In this ride, you will sit inside a real roller coaster and at the same time you need to wear a VR headset to feel the rush and thrill. Just make sure that you fasten your headset very tight and secure so it will not slip when the roller coaster is starting to move up and down and speeding.

About Legoland VR Roller Coaster…

In the game, you can compete with the racers from the popular LEGO Minifigure mystery assortments such as Surfer Girl, Pirate Captain, Wizard, Trendsetter and Pharaoh. In the virtual world, all the surroundings are made up from LEGO bricks. Luckily, this VR ride is suitable for kids age six and above. But as parents, perhaps you might need to hold onto your children during the ride, just in case.

I think most of us already familiar with the VR ride that use the headset only. But to use the headset and at the same time riding a real roller coaster must be something different. How to ensure what you see in the VR headset is synchronize with what your body is experiencing on the roller coaster? Well, it is done by the tracking hardware on the coaster that will transmit the rider’s position along the track via Bluetooth to the VR headset to do the magic. Not sure what is the level of motion sickness that will happen. Theoretically, since our body move together with what we see inside the headset, then the level of motion sickness shall be very much lower or nearly none. That’s why we need to try it out…

For your info, The Great LEGO Race is actually the existing “Project X” roller coasters which is now transformed into this latest VR ride. The guy behind this is “Merlin Magic Making” which is the company’s creative division. They are responsible to design and develop attraction for Merlin sites around the world. Kudos for them…

The ride will open in 22nd November 2017. And to make it more meaningful for Malaysian, it is actually the world’s first VR roller coaster for Lego. After Malaysia, they will expand the ride to LEGOLAND Florida Resort and LEGOLAND Deutschland Resort in Germany sometime next year in 2018. For more info, you can read it at:
1) LEGOLAND Official Website here.
2) “World’s first Lego VR roller coaster set to open in JB” from The Star Online.
3) “I raced Lego drivers in VR on a real-life roller coaster” from CNET.

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