Wireless Motion Tracking in Gaming with STEM System by Sixense

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Wireless Motion Tracking in Gaming with STEM System by Sixense

Virtual reality has gone one step further. Recently, Sixense Entertainment, a motion tracking and controller company, has introduced a wireless motion tracking technology called STEM System which can capture your own movement and translate it to the virtual world.

Wireless Motion Tracking STEM System by Sixense

Furthermore, it also allows the users to interact with the objects inside the virtual environment. For example, users can bend down, pick up a ball and then throw it away. Awesome rite?This is done via a pair of controllers that are held in each hand that were able to track the movement of hands, arms, legs, head and body where the wireless trackers are located.

Below is the video of the five-tracker demo by the Sixense Creative Director, Danny Woodall which explained it quite nicely and easy to understand.

The best thing about STEM is because it can works with Oculus Rift, the increasingly popular virtual reality gear. For more info about STEM System, you can visit:
1) Official STEM System website.
2) Sixense in YouTube.
3) “Stem controllers brings wireless motion tracking to gaming” in BusinessETC.

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