YouTube introduced 360-Degree Video with Google VR Cardboard Mode

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YouTube introduced 360-Degree Video with Google VR Cardboard Mode

Few days ago, YouTube launched a new video format that might be vital and revolutionary for virtual reality industry. It introduced a 360-degree video ad where Bud Light is the first advertiser experimenting with this kind of VR video format. It runs on the Google’s True View ad platform and the video is produced by Jaunt virtual reality company,  a virtual reality company in Palo Alto.

Experience Watching the 360-Degree Video…

This new YouTube video ad is best to watch using the mobile devices. You can check out the video titled “An #UpForWhatever Parade in 360” from Bud Light. Every time you move your smartphone screen, the scene also will change accordingly in 360-degree manner. You can see what happens “around” you while the video is playing. Well, if you still want to stick with your laptop, you can still experience it by dragging your mouse or clicking on the navigational arrow shown at the top-left.

The best thing is, this 360-degree video also supports the Google VR Cardboard mode. So awesome!! Hence, I give it a try myself since I’ve got that Cardboard. Take note that if I watch the YouTube video using my laptop, I cannot see the Cardboard icon. But when I watch the video using my smartphone via the YouTube App, then I will be able to see the Cardboard icon. See the picture below.

YouTube with Google Cardboard 360-degree Video Icon

Once I click on the icon,walla!! The video format change to the virtual reality mode like below. So cool, isn’t it?

YouTube video in Google Cardboard mode

Just to let you know, this 36-degree video ads is available on Chrome, Android and also iOS as well. Perhaps, this advertising method will be a trend in the near future where the focus is to enrich the viewer’s experience by making them more immersed in the ads. Furthermore, this kind of VR video will possibly have higher view rate since you’ll see different things in different viewing position or angle.

For more info, you can visit:
1) “See the future of video by looking behind you: Introducing 360 degree video ads” from Google’s Inside AdWords.
2) “YouTube goes step closer to virtual reality, introduces 360-degree viewable ads” from Firstpost.

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