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ZeniMax claims the VR Technology used by John Carmack & Oculus VR

John Carmack wearing Oculus Rift. (Image Credit: PCWorld) In the latest news, John Carmack, the father of Quake & Doom games, is being accused by his former employer, ZeniMax of taking the company’s VR technology intellectual property to Oculus VR, which is now his current employer. As you know, Oculus VR is the manufacturer of…
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University, College & School for Virtual Reality (VR) Courses & Training

Here is the list of the learning institutions such as university, college and school which offer courses or training on virtual reality subject. I’ll keep updating the list from time to time. The list below is in the alphabetical orders and not related to any ranking system.

Company, Studio, Organization & Association in Virtual Reality (VR) Industry

Below is the list of company, studio, organization and association which has involvement in the Virtual Reality (VR) industry and business. Since this is a growing list due to the growing VR industry, I’ll keep updating it from time to time.

Definition & Meaning of Virtual Reality (VR) Terminology

Below is the list of terminology used widely in the Virtual Reality (VR) area and industry together with their definition and meaning. This is a growing list as I’ll keep updating the list from time to time.  I hope that the information below can help you to understand it easily.

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