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20000 Leagues Under Sea VR

How it Feels to be in VR Ride of “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”?

For those who miss the childhood memory, this is one of the way for you to have a trip down the memory lane. Recently, there was an initiative by some[…]

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NVPD VR Training

NYPD using VR for Police Officer Training

NYPD is using virtual reality for their police officer training. The training is for scenarios such as hostage situation or counter-terrorist. The training provider are Louisiana State University (LSU) and[…]

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Museum VR Tour

What are Popular Museum VR Tour That You Can Visit Virtually?

During our childhood days, whenever we want to visit the museum, we need to physically be there with our teachers or parents. However, with the latest virtual reality technology, we[…]

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