Month: October 2014

Virtual Reality, VR, Immersive Technology & Simulated Environment

Timeline of Virtual Reality History & Important VR Chronological Events

We have tried to come out with the timeline of virtual reality history. We also try to put together the important VR events which might have impact on the virtual reality world in a chronological manner.

List of Virtual Reality or VR Tutorials, References & Learning Materials

Below is the list of VR tutorials and references. We also try to provide some learning materials related with virtual reality. We are trying our best to update it frequently fro time to time. The VR Tutorials Are… Definition & Meaning of Virtual Reality or VR To explain the definition and meaning of Virtual Reality…
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List of VR or Virtual Reality Events, Expo, Exhibitions & Conferences

Here is the list of VR or virtual reality events, expo, exhibitions or conferences in 2014. Some are fully dedicated to virtual reality and some can be related with VR. For virtual reality events in 2015, you can get it here.

Google joins Virtual Reality by Funding “Magic Leap”, a Cinematic Reality Company

Yes. You heard it right. Google is jumping into the virtual reality bandwagon by funding Magic Leap. “What company is this??” You might asked. At this point of time, little is known about Magic Leap. It is some sort like a mysterious company where it claims to provide a cinematic reality business. Rite now, Google…
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