Month: March 2018

Virtual Reality, VR, Immersive Technology & Simulated Environment

Experiential Learning of History Subject by Immersive VR Education

As far as we can remember, History subject is perhaps one of the subjects that some (or most) of the students considered as a boring and uninteresting subject. Perhaps, to make the subject more interesting and exciting is by experiencing the historical event themselves. This experiential learning might be possible with VR solution.

Capability to Sniff & Adding Sense of Smell in VR

The Olfactory VR System for Mice (Credit: Dombeck Laboratory) Currently in virtual reality world, the three most popular senses used are the visual, followed by audio and third is the touch. But imagine if one day we are able to sniff the smell of the roses or hot, black coffee in the virtual environment. Great,…
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Revisit Crime Scene to Solve Case Using VR in China’s Courtroom

Revisit Crime Scene (Credit: CGTN) We have always anticipate that VR technology can be use to solve crime cases in the courtroom. But we are not sure when it will be a reality. But recently, it seems that the day is already come… Usually, the court in China are using PowerPoint or verbal to make…
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UK Gwent Police Officer Training Using Cave VR Approach

Gwent Police using Cave VR (Credit: BBC) In January 2018, Gwent Police, one of the police unit in UK, is embarking on the use of VR in their routine training. According to them, they are the first police unit in UK (United Kingdom) to use virtual reality approach for their officer training. That’s really cool…