Month: June 2018

Virtual Reality, VR, Immersive Technology & Simulated Environment

“VRChemist” Simulator Game to Aid the Understanding of Chemistry Subject

The H2O Molecule Built Using VRChemist. (Credit to VRChemist) Remember the time when learning some subjects in school is very boring, difficult to understand and hard to learn. Especially the science related subjects such as physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology (just to name a few).This kind of situation will be challenging for both students and…
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Rescuing the Dinosaurs in “Jurassic World VR Expedition” from VRC & Universal

Remember when the first time we watched the “Jurassic Park” movie in the early 90s. And there was a scene where Alan Grant (played by Sam Neill) was in shocked and disbelieved at his first encounter with the long neck Brachiosaurus dinasour in front of him for the first time. And we imagined ourselves to…
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Tobii Analytics Tool to Measure & Analyze Eye Tracking in VR World

Researchers or system analysts can now conduct the study of eye tracking in the virtual environment. Thanks to Tobii Technology Inc that makes this happen. Tobii is a Swedish company where their expertise and core product is on eye tracking technology. They believe that the innovation in eye tracking can help the business and industry…
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VR in Healthcare by White Rhino Help Raise NBI Awareness to Detect Bladder Cancer & Tumors

Virtual Reality is being used in healthcare to raise the awareness on new and emerging technologies, including for a new technology that is making hard to find cancerous lesions easier to detect.