Month: January 2020

Virtual Reality, VR, Immersive Technology & Simulated Environment

VR Glasses

Stylish VR Glasses from Panasonic support HDR & UHD Capabilities

We are quite shocked when Panasonic Corporation announced their own VR glasses. Yeap, you heard it right. It might be because we seldom heard news or initiative related with VR, AR or MR from Panasonic as compare to its other electronic peers such as Sony, Samsung, HTC etc. So, when they announced about the VR…
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VR Jobs

VR Jobs Vacancy & Virtual Reality Careers Opportunity

Below is the list of vacancy available for VR jobs and virtual reality careers opportunity. Hopefully this list can help those who want to venture into the career in virtual reality and mixed reality industry. The list of VR Jobs are… List of Open Positions at Oculus. Career Opportunity at Magic Leap. List of Open…
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The Best VR Movies & Top Virtual Reality Films of All Time

Below is the list of the best VR movies and can be considered as the top virtual reality films of all time. Please take note that the list below is not based on any specific ranking or rate. Each of this movie or film has their own strength and weakness. One common thing is that,…
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