“VRChat” VR Social Networking Apps Review

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“VRChat” VR Social Networking Apps Review

VRChat VR Social Apps Review

In this article we would like to review one VR social apps called “VRChat“. It is one of the best social networking apps for you to hang out with your friends or play games with others around the world. Just to let you know, this review is based from our own experience of using it and it might be different from others. Anyway, we still hope we can help you a bit by sharing our insights on it…

What is VRChat Apps?

VRChat is a social networking apps that lets you connect with your friends, family or strangers as well. There are many virtual worlds inside it where you can hang around, have a chat or even play multiplayer games with them.

Navigating Various Worlds in VRChat
Navigating Various Worlds in VRChat

There are many types of community in it such as gamers, entertainers, artists, musicians and many more. You can even build your own creations such as digital worlds or digital assets and then share it with the community to enjoy.

For your info, VRChat is developed by VRChat Inc. and it has been in Oculus Store since 22nd May 2019.

How VRChat Apps Works?

When your first go into VRChat, you must login first. You can choose either to use the VRChat login or use your existing Oculus login. If you don’t have the VRChat login, then you need to create it first. Since we want to try it immediately, hence we opt to proceed with using our own Oculus login.

Then, you need to select the avatars that will represent you inside the virtual worlds. It is quite fun to choose from the readily made available avatars. We spent quite a time to do the decision making here (Haha..)

Once done, there is quick tutorial to help you to navigate or maneuver in VRChat. Since we want to avoid motion sickness, we choose the teleport option. Frankly speaking, it is quite weird how it works for us at first.

First, we point the location where we want to teleport using the left controller. Next, the funny thing is that we can see our avatar will walk or run passing us to that spot. Once we release the button, we will immediately be on that spot. Perhaps the image below can help you to better understand…

Teleporting and Moving in VRChat
Teleporting and Moving in VRChat

How the VRChat Graphics or Images Looks Like?

On the avatar, the graphics or images looks a bit cartoonish and anime like style. And some of them looks like freaking weird. It really depends on the creativity of the avatar’s owner since most of them will use the customizable avatar.

Zombie Games That We Try in VRChat
Zombie Games That We Try in VRChat

Regarding the room or virtual worlds, some of them have just basic structure with plain colors. But interestingly, some of them are having more polished environments with great textures and 3D objects like in the commercial games. Well, again, this depends on the creativity and skillset of the world’s creator.

One of the Worlds That We Try in VRChat
One of the Worlds That We Try in VRChat

What Do We Like Most About VRChat?

Firstly, we think that the most attractive feature of the VRChat is the customizable avatar and it is a fully body avatar from head to toe. Not just upper-half body like in some social networking apps. And we can also “shuffle” the ready-to-use avatars so we can immediately used them.

Selecting Avatars in VRChat
Selecting Avatars in VRChat

Secondly, we are surprised that there are lot of rules and regulations in the form of mini tutorials being shown along the way. The main purpose is to avoid us to do things that can make us being banned. It also can guide us on how to react if there are users that harass us or being abusive towards us. Although it looks a little bit strict, but it can help to ensure VRChat to be a safe place to visit.

Thirdly, we love the Launch Pad or Dashboard where we think the user interface is easy to understand and help us a lot to navigate around different worlds.

Lastly, the rooms or worlds are very happening with lots of users. So, we don’t feel like we are going to an abandoned place or a “ghost town”.

Any Room for Improvements for VRChat?

Well, when we first try the VRChat, there is tutorial asking us to go to “Quick Menu”. It takes us some time through trial and error by clicking all the buttons on the touch controllers to search for the “Quick Menu”.

At last we find out that the button was on the below part of the left controller. We hope that this is the first thing that they teach us properly when we do the onboarding to VRChat.

Launch Pad in VRChat
Launch Pad in VRChat

What is the Price of VRChat Apps?

As of the 7th May 2023, the VRChat apps is still available for free at Oculus Quest Store.

In Summary…

For us, VRChat is a must have app for those who love to socialize since it is easy to use and there are many tutorials or guidelines along the way to help you navigate. The important thing is that this virtual place is very lively and fun. Furthermore you can further polish your communication skill and interpersonal skill in here as well. Good luck!

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