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The Best VR Movies & Top Virtual Reality Films of All Time

Below is the list of the best VR movies and can be considered as the top virtual reality films of all time. Please take note that the list below is not based on any specific ranking or rate. Each of this movie or film has their own strength and weakness. One common thing is that,…
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Teslasuit VR Glove

VR Glove from TESLASUIT integrates with Biometric System

Recently, on 27th December 2019, TESLASUIT announced the new addition to their suit which is the VR glove. TESLASUIT is a company focusing on making the full body physical haptic suit to be used in virtual environment. Their VR suit is able to provide haptic feedback and capture both motion and biometrics. Despite the glove…
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VR Events 2020

2020 List of VR Events, Virtual Reality Expo, Exhibitions & Conferences

Here is the list of VR events, virtual reality expo, exhibitions or conferences in 2020. Some are fully dedicated to virtual reality and some has connections or related with VR, AR (Augmented Reality), MR (Mixed Reality) and Immersive Technology. If you happen to know any other event to be listed, you may share it with…
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VR fighting using real robot

Combining VR Fighting with Real Robot as Opponent

Nowadays, you can play the fighting or martial art games in VR where you can play it alone by yourself. Unfortunately, playing alone does not make it feel real because you don’t feel the impact on your body or face. The most that you can get is the vibration on your controllers or perhaps the…
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