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Best VR Adventure Games

8 Best VR Adventure Games for Oculus Quest 2

So, you just got your Oculus Quest 2 and you are excited about it. Now, you don’t know which games that you would like to try first. If you are planning to play game that is not so intense until you got terrible motion sickness, maybe you can try out the adventure type of games.…
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Best VR Movies

10 Best VR Movies & Top Virtual Reality Films of All Time

Below is the list of the best VR movies and can be considered as the top virtual reality films of all time and always used as the reference when talking about virtual reality. Please take note that the list below is not based on any specific ranking or rate. Each of this movie or film…
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PlutoSphere Cloud VR

Play Great VR Game without Powerful Computer with PlutoSphere

You heard about this great VR games title which is available in Steam or Epic Games Store. Let’s say “Half-Life: Alyx“. And there is an urge in yourself to try it out. You desperately want to experience it now, now. Unfortunately, to play this game, you need the computer with the powerful specs or also…
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Live Streaming Video 360

Top 5 Live Streaming Video in 360 Degrees & VR

We imagine ourselves if we could be at some place in the real time and view the surrounding of it using the live streaming video in 360 degrees. And furthermore, to experience like we are really there via the VR headset. Usually, we can only experience that kind of sensation during special live event or…
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