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VR News Compilation List

VR News Compilation List

Here, we would like to share to you the compilation list of VR news that we have published in this website since year 2014.

Ultimate Guide to VR

The Ultimate Guide to VR or Virtual Reality

Hi guys, here in “All Virtual Reality“, we aims to provide you with some useful guide to VR or Virtual Reality. We try our best so that the beginners to VR also can appreciate the guide that we provided. Well, let’s start…

Reduce Motion Sickness in VR

12 Ways to Overcome or Reduce Motion Sickness in VR

Let’s say you just bought a VR headset such as Oculus Quest 2 after heard people having so much fun playing VR. However when you try it yourselves, you experience this kind of uneasiness feeling such as nausea or dizziness. This is what we normally call as motion sickness in VR. Now, suddenly VR is…
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VIVE Facial Tracker

VIVE Facial Tracker to Capture Mouth Movement

Imagine if your avatar in virtual world behave more like in real life. For example, in whatever direction you move your lips, then your avatar will follow suit such as a sneer or in awe look. Sounds cool, isn’t it? Recently, HTC introduce a device called “VIVE Facial Tracker” that would be able to detect…
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