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Company, Studio, Organization & Association in Virtual Reality (VR) Industry

Below is the list of company, studio, organization and association which has involvement in the Virtual Reality (VR) industry and business. Since this is a growing list due to the growing VR industry, I’ll keep updating it from time to time.

VR Glossary: Definition & Meaning of Virtual Reality Terminology

Below is the list of terminology used widely in the Virtual Reality (VR) area and industry together with their definition and meaning. This is a growing list as I’ll keep updating the list from time to time.  I hope that the information below can help you to understand it easily.

Changing the News & Broadcasting Landscape with Cinematic VR from Jaunt

Have you ever wondered how it will feel if you can experience the news itself? In April 2014, Jaunt, a virtual reality company in Palo Alto, has been visited by the John S. Knight Journalism fellows from Stanford. During the session, Jaunt CEO and founder, Jens Christensen, has shared his view and vision on the…
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RiftCycles Project: Riding the Light Cycle inside the TRON World

If you have watch the TRON movies especially “TRON: Legacy“, you will definitely feel over excited looking at the above picture. This Light Cycle simulator above is made by The Arcade Man and the design looks similar as the one used by the film main character, Kevin Flynn. This “RiftCycles Project” use the game made…
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