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Can VR Movies or Films be Mainstream?

Recently we came across an article from Mashable that discuss on the VR movies. We think it triggers a very interesting question on the future of movies in this format and whether it can be successful with the current approach. Just to share, we have also watched some VR short films ourselves and some of…
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How the Ultimate Virtual Reality (VR) Experience Will Look Like?

This has keep me thinking for quite some time. How the ultimate virtual reality experience will look like? What is the most ideal VR capability we can have in this world? Is it the same like the one we watch in films like “The Matrix” or “The Thirteenth Floor“?

Why VR? What I Like, Love & Passionate About Virtual Reality Very Much?

Why VR? This is a question that haunted me for a very, very long time. From many other subjects or disciplines, but why VR or Virtual Reality that I like or love very much. Why I am so passionate about VR? I really took my time to think deep about this passion. There’s something about VR…
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