Company, Studio, Organization & Association in Virtual Reality (VR) Industry

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Company, Studio, Organization & Association in Virtual Reality (VR) Industry

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VR Industry

Below is the list of company, studio, organization and association which has involvement in the Virtual Reality (VR) industry and business. Since this is a growing list due to the growing VR industry, I’ll keep updating it from time to time.

List of VR Company & Business…

ART (Advanced Realtime Tracking)
It is the manufacturer of high-end optical motion tracking systems for Virtual and Augmented Reality applications. Among its products are DTrack2 control software and ARTTRACK5 camera. URL:

CyberGlove Systems
It provides the data glove technology and the 3D motion capture solutions. Its VirtualHand SDK allows users to capture the arm, hand and finger movement to enable them to interact with digital objects in virtual environments. URL:

A major event and conference for the virtual reality enthusiasts. Got a lot of exhibition, presentations, discussions, research demo, awards related with VR. URL:

i’m in VR
This software company specialized in immersive virtual reality applications and services. Their main objective is to simplify the creation of VR applications. Its main product, MiddleVR, enable you to add the VR capabilities to the Unity 3D engine and applications. URL:

As a Virtual Prototyping software and services company, it is the provider of IC.IDO solution which is the virtual reality systems for engineering design and manufacturing. By eliminating the need for physical prototypes, their solution helps the  industrial clients to shorten their product development cycle. For more details on their VR solution, you can visit this URL: Or you may contact Dinaesh Singh from ESI Group (HQ) for more info.

It is the European Association for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. The main objective of this international non-profit association is to bring together all those interested in VR/AR technologies and thus further develop, enhance, improve and deploy the said technologies. URL:

Focusing on the haptics and force feedback technology, this company major product is Virtuose hardware families product line. URL:

Their mission is to put the realism into virtual reality by creating cinematic VR experiences and solution. By using the 3D stereoscopic camera system and 3D sound-field microphones, they can reconstruct the complete visual and auditory experience to make it more immersive. URL:

A visual computing company where it specialised in computer graphics technology. URL:

This company designs and manufactures the virtual reality displays which help users to visualize and interact with simulated 3D environments. URL:

Oculus VR
It is now the leading company of VR industry and their vision is to develop the immersive virtual reality technology that’s wearable and affordable. Its flagship product, Oculus Rift, a ground-breaking virtual reality headset, is increasingly getting attention from all over the world (including Facebook) since the day the company launched the Kickstarter campaign to fund it. URL:

Focusing on the development of 2D and 3D graphics application programming interface (API). URL:

OPTIS is a world-leading simulation and advanced visualization company in virtual reality (VR). OPTIS solutions enhance the accuracy & REALISM of 3D virtual prototyping with the physics based simulation of light, material, human vision & ergonomics. OPTIS solutions help businesses and people to optimize perceived quality, ergonomics and visual signature of their future product. URL:

The mission of this company is to make the indoor fitness more fun. One of the way is by integrating the treadmill with the virtual worlds. URL:

This company develops and delivers the motion capture, tracking and vision processing solutions for the research, industrial and graphic arts communities. Its main product is PhaseSpace Impulse X2 System which is a 3D optical motion capture system which is designed to be affordable and thus lowering its cost of ownership. URL:

This company specializes in motion measurement technology and the one who introduce the head-tracking technology for the U.S. Military. Among its main products are G4, the wearable and wireless tracker, FastSCAN, the handheld laser scanner, and VisionTrak, the eye-tracking system. URL:

It is the manufacturer of the panoramic head-mounted displays that combine ultra-wide field of view and high resolution. Its key products are xSight, zSight and piSight HMDs. URL:

This company is the developer of STEM System, a wireless motion tracking platform for virtual reality, video games and more. STEM enables the users to interact naturally and intuitively in the virtual environment by tracking full position and orientation at all times. Besides STEM, its main products is also MakeVR, a 3D modeling application for the 3D printing. URL:

It owns the highly popular PlayStation game console. Its latest Project Morpheus might transform the VR landscape. URL:

It is a motion capture solution company and focusing on life science, entertainment and engineering industries. URL:
It is a content solution provider for VR content and also the 360 video aggregator and licensor. URL:

It is a solution provider for interactive virtual reality where its flagship product are VIZARD, the interactive 3D content creation software, and PPTX4, wide area tracking system. URL:

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  1. Philippe says:

    OPTIS is a world-leading simulation and advanced visualization company in virtual reality (VR).
    OPTIS solutions enhance the accuracy & REALISM of 3D virtual prototyping with the physics based simulation of light, material, human vision & ergonomics.
    OPTIS solutions help businesses and people to optimize perceived quality, ergonomics and visual signature of their future product.

    We would like to be present in your website. Thanks for telling me if it is possible.


    • alvirmin says:

      Hi Philippe,
      Thank you for stopping by. We have add your company in the list.
      Hope it’s okay.

      Best Regards,

  2. the world’s largest Virtual Reality Content Aggregator & Licensor is the bridge between VR and 360 Video Content Creators and the businesses and organizations that need to develop or expand their content offering(s). As fast as Virtual Reality technology is growing you just cannot afford to find, qualify and manage hundreds of content creators from across the globe. is your complete content solution provider. Offering access to a constantly updated catalog of VR content in many different categories.

  3. Nathan says:

    We are a new provider of VR and immersive equipment.
    Our company test and offer only products dedicated to these fields.
    Find on our website, the last Virtual Reality headsets : HTC Vive, Oculus Rift…
    We sell to individuals and professionals. A dedicated PRO AREA is available for Professionals to get lot of advantages and special prices.

  4. VirtualSpaces ( is a Mobile Virtual Reality startup focusing on the Real Estate & allied industries using the Samsung Gear VR platform. We have created the application by significantly tweaking the Samsung S6 GPU to provide us with >200 draw calls.

  5. odome says:

    odome ( is a lightweight, portable and versatile Shared VR solution, designed for training, simulation and almost anything you can project. Our software makes VR projections simple and cost-effective as a Shared 360° solution. From 5-500 we can accommodate a shared fully immersive sensory experience as a completely new format to showcase, interact and enjoy VR.

  6. Please add: HistoryView VR

    HistoryView VR is the educational platform for teachers & students to access 3D Virtual Reality Field Trips powered by Matterport. Working with museums and historical sites, HistoryView is able to share historical experiences and bring history to life for classrooms worldwide. In connection with Matterport’s state of the art technology, HistoryView is able to create virtual reality field trips for education and digitally preserve anthropology.

  7. Irina says:

    Hi, we are a successful, time-proven, and innovation-oriented IT company with more than 20 years’ experience, focusing augmented and virtual reality development, virtual simulation and training.

  8. Madhur Krishna says:

    WAVE 2018 -World AR VR Expo & Conference is happening in Hyderabad, India from February 09-11, 2018. Come be part of it & get benefitted by reaching out to the right audience. This is a unique International exhibition and professional conference for experiential media and immersive technology.

  9. Also check out Elysian Studios –

    Elysian Studios uses a unique and in-depth approach to the new art of virtual reality storytelling, creating high-end VR experiences.

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