How it Feels to be in VR Ride of “20000 Leagues Under the Sea”?

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How it Feels to be in VR Ride of “20000 Leagues Under the Sea”?

20000 Leagues Under Sea VR

Recently updated on February 6th, 2021 at 06:15 pm

For those who miss the childhood memory, this is one of the way for you to have a trip down the memory lane. Recently, there was an initiative by some VR volunteers to rejuvenate back the Disney Ride that is already extinct. In this case, the attraction is “20000 Leagues Under the Sea“, inspired by the science fiction novel from legendary writer, Jules Verne. This classic attraction in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom was operated from 1971 and closed around 27 years ago in 1994.

Who Create the “20000 Leagues Under the Sea” Virtual Ride?

The virtual ride that mimic the attraction is created by Defunctland VR which is a non-profit and volunteer-run preservation project. It is also a YouTube series created by Kevin Perjurer, a filmmaker, where the focus is on theme parks and themed entertainment experiences. His ambition is to resurrect the dead and extinct ride attraction in a virtual format. In that way, we can enjoy it again and bring back the happy childhood memories with our parents.

The team of volunteers under him created the virtual reality version of the ride by using Unreal Engine. The old camera footage from 1980s and 1990s really help them to reproduce the ride and stay true to the original.

How We Can Try to Ride It?

You can try to experience it by using the YouTube video below together with the VR headset. You just click on the video, change it to stereoscopic VR mode and snap it into your Google Cardboard or the compatible mobile VR phone.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Ride from Defunctland VR

For us, we try it by using Oculus Quest 2 via the YouTube VR app. It really feels surreal because in the start we are immediately transported in the middle of the night at a park where there is nobody around. And the narrator during the initial part is Kevin Perjurer himself. The actual journey start when we were transported inside the Nautilus submarine where the narrator will sound like Captain Nemo.

Which is the part that we like the most?

Well, we are really excited to see the mermaid and the sea serpent part. And the tentacles of the giant octopus also looks like it nearly break the glass window. And we really appreciate their effort creating many of the moving underwater plants.

Sea Serpent and Mermaids
Sea Serpent and Mermaids
Tentacles of Giant Octopus
Tentacles of Giant Octopus

At the end of the ride, they displayed the names of the contributors or volunteers of the project. This is to recognize their great effort to bring this attraction alive, virtually.

The Contributors
The Contributors
The Contributors
The Contributors

The ride takes about 14 minutes to finish. Glad to say when we try it using Quest 2, we do not encounter motion sickness from start until finish. Maybe because the journey itself is relaxing and not something like a roller coaster ride.

It is a really noble intention by the team to preserve the nostalgic icon like this. By the way, they also put the disclaimer that they are not related or associated in any way with The Walt Disney Company, Universal Parks and Resorts and other companies related with Disney. Since the physical ride is already extinct, hope there is no harm for Defunctland VR to reproduce it in digital format. For further info about their initiative, you can read it at:

  1. The Defunctland Official Website.
  2. Defunctland resurrected an extinct Disney ride using VR” from Polygon.
  3. Disney’s decommissioned ‘20,000 Leagues’ ride gets a second life in VR” from Engadget.

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