VR Arcade, Amusement Parks & Attractions To Visit

Virtual Reality, VR, Immersive Technology & Simulated Environment

VR Arcade, Amusement Parks & Attractions To Visit

VR Arcade

Below is the list of VR arcade, amusement parks, theme parks and attractions that related with virtual reality where you can have fun with friends and family. This list of virtual reality theme parks might be useful for you, your family members and friends during the holidays or school break.

The List of Popular VR Arcade are…

Official Website: https://www.thevoid.com/

VR Park Dubai
Official Website: https://www.vrparkdubai.com/

Headrock VR
Official Website: https://www.rwsentosa.com/en/attractions/headrock-vr

The Rift
Official Website: https://therift.com.my/

Virtual Room
Official Website: https://www.virtual-room.com/en/

Official Website: https://www.dnavr.co.uk/

Oriental Science Fiction Valley
Official Website: http://www.eastscience.com/

Zero Latency
Official Website: https://www.zlvr.co.uk/

Vertigo VR
Official Website: https://vertigovr.co.uk/

Sandbox VR
Official Website: https://sandboxvr.com/

Six Flags
Official Website: https://www.sixflags.com/

VR Park Tokyo
Official Website: https://www.adores.jp/vrpark/en/

Sky VR
Official Website: https://www.rwgenting.com/Theme_Parks/SkyVR/

Official Website: https://other.world/

Official Website: https://vr-ninja.com/

Official Website: https://blurtheline.com/

Golem VR
Official Website: https://www.golemvr.com/

Velocity VR
Official Website: https://www.velocityvr.com/

VR World
Official Website: https://vrworldnyc.com/

Official Website: https://vrplus.com.my/

VR Plus
Official Website: https://vrplus.com.au/

Official Website: https://hologate.com/

The Great LEGO Race
Official Website: https://www.legoland.com/

Berjaya Times Square Theme Park
Official Website: http://berjayatimessquarethemeparkkl.com/virtual-reality/

If there is any more VR arcade that you think deserve to be inside this list, then please let us know so we can include it as well…

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