2017 List of Virtual Reality Events, VR Expo, Exhibitions & Conferences

Virtual Reality, VR, Immersive Technology & Simulated Environment

2017 List of Virtual Reality Events, VR Expo, Exhibitions & Conferences

2017 List of Virtual Reality Events, VR Expo, Exhibitions & Conferences
Here is the list of virtual reality events, VR expo, exhibitions or conferences in 2017. Some are fully dedicated to virtual reality and some has connections or related with VR, AR (Augmented Reality) or MR (Mixed Reality).

Upcoming Virtual Reality Events…


CES 2017

CES 2017

This event will be held from 9th till 12th January 2017 in Las Vegas. Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will also showcase some of the new line of products related with VR from the big companies and also startup.
Official Website: http://www.ces.tech/


VRDC 2017

VRDC 2017

The “Virtual Reality Developers Conference” (VRDC) event will be held from 27th till 28th February 2017 in San Francisco, California. Come to learn about how to create amazing, immersive VR and AR experiences for games and entertainment.
Official Website: http://www.gdconf.com/vrdc/


2017 Asia VR AR Fair

2017 Asia VR&AR Fair and Summit

This event will be held from 8th till 11th March 2017 in Guangzhou, China. This event provide a platform for economy, technological cooperation and product exchange and at the same time intensifying the combination between VR&AR technology and modern life.
Official Website: http://www.vrarfair.com/engz/

Experiential Expo

XTech 2017

This “Experiential Technology Conference and Expo 2017” event will be held from 14th till 15th March 2017 in San Francisco. This event combines the digital technology such as VR/AR/MR with advances in neuroscience to improve human performance. They are exploring the new markets such as digital therapeutics, validated neurowellness, accelerated learning and experiential entertainment.
Official Website: http://www.xtechexpo.com/

IEEE VR 2017

IEEE Virtual Reality 2017

This event will be held in Los Angeles, California from 18th till 22nd March 2017. Academicians, researchers, industry guys and also VR enthusiasts can participate in this conference. There are more than 15 topics available for you to choose. There is even one topic on interactive storytelling in 360-degree videos. Cool….
Official Website: http://ieeevr.org/2017/

SVVR 2017

Silicon Valley VR 2017

This event will be held from 29th till 31st March 2017 at San Jose Convention Center, California. This event is known for high-quality networking and broad industry participation because it is organized by the community-focused industry organization dedicated to VR.
Official Website: http://vrexpo.com/


VRLA 2017

VRLA Expo 2017

This expo will be held from 14th till 15th April 2017 in LA Convention Center. This expo welcomes both consumers and industry professionals to attend it. There will be lineup of presentations, panels and announcements.
Official Website: http://www.virtualrealityla.com/


CVR 2017

CVR 2017

This event will be held from 5th May till 7th May 2017 in Vancouver, Canada. Consumer Virtual Reality (CVR) is the premier event to experience groundbreaking new virtual and augmented reality technology. Held on the Canadian west coast in beautiful Vancouver, the event brings together consumers, developers, businesses, and tech enthusiasts for a weekend of fun that shapes the future of VR and AR. CVR is produced by Archiact — the VR studio.
Official Website: http://www.consumer-vr.com/

4th ARVR Innovate Conference 2017

4th ARVR Innovate Conference 2017

This event will take place in Dublin, Ireland from 11th May till 12th May 2017. This is one of Europe’s best established conferences in the AR and VR space, with a particular focus on the business case applications of the technologies.
Official Website: http://innovatereality.com/

World VR Forum

World VR Forum

This event will take place from 11th May till 14th May 2017 in Crans-Montana, Switzerland. This is a platform to address contemporary topics related to technology, culture, philosophy and education which are affected by VR or AR technology.
Official Website: http://wvrf17.com/

Broadcast Asia 2017

Broadcast Asia 2017

This event will take place from 23rd till 25th May 2017 in Suntec, Singapore. There is a segment called Immersive Technologies that will showcase the Virtual Reality Zone. Come to witness how the latest 360-degree camera able to create an immersive visual experience.
Official Website: http://www.broadcast-asia.com/


VR and AR World 2017

VR & AR World 2017

This event will take place from 13th till 15th June 2017 in ExCel, London. This event is part of the TechXLR8, London Tech Week’s flagship show. This event will unite the entire VR and AR ecosystem to meet, network and do business under one roof.
Official Website: https://tmt.knect365.com/vr-ar-world/





This event will be held from 30th July till 3rd August 2017 in Los Angeles. This is the 44th SIGGRAPH Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques. If you would like to submit some stuff on VR, you can read it here too.
Official Website: http://s2017.siggraph.org/






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  1. Hi guys,

    Great list, I think you’re missing out on a pretty cool show I’m going to in April though in London:

    Virtual Reality Show!


  2. Hi,

    Would you be interested in apress pass for VR & AR World?

    Please let me know 🙂


  3. Terry Pei says:


    I saw our Inaugural Global VR/AR China Summit 2016 was listed in your site, now we are hosting 2nd Global VR/AR China Summit 2017 on June 29-30 in Shanghai , would you like to update this event to your list?

    Have a nice day!


  4. fay says:

    In 2016,VR/AR went viral and became the worldwide buzzword, various high-tech giants made strides into the VR/AR sector one after another and rolled out their products. Investment enthusiasm, however, has faded somewhat due to public sentiment and ever-changing investment appetite since the second quarter; consumer-oriented market slid into doldrums and more interest has shifted toward AR, the industry entered a technology-based shape-up period. But market players remain upbeat about VR/AR, according to data published by IDC in August 2016, global income in VR/AR industry looks set to hit 162 billion USD in 2020 from the 5.2 billion USD in 2016.
    VR/AR showcasing facilities and low-end products has successfully completed education to the market, interest has spread from tech-Geeks and fans to average consumers, more opportunities emerged for VR/AR applications in gaming and entertaining arena; on the other hand, huge development room lies ahead for B2B market, more and more firms are conducting in-depth development in the B2B sectors, more viable business mode are being explored by VR/AR applications in various industries, with more VR/AR products hitting the market this year, 2017 is expected to become a year when VR/AR ecology system is taking shape. Against this backdrop, the 2nd VR/AR event is coming back again!
    This event , featuring a co-held exhibition, will gather more than 500 high level participants from 20+ countries, they come from both heavyweight high-tech companies and brilliant startups, cover the whole value chain, such as hardware producers of head mounted display devices, 3D camera, input devices; software developers of VR software development platform, VR SDK, content development tools; content providers of VR games, VR movies; VR/AR industry solutions providers for commercial marketing, engineering, architecture, clinical medical, defense; technologies companies for image recognition technology, gesture control technology, voice input and out technology; as well as distribution channels and VC/PE. In this event, 30+ VR/AR industry leaders will deliver speech covering industry whitepaper, new products release, new technology and research achievements, and carry out diverse forms of interaction and partnership.

  5. A good conference to put in your calendar for November is the 23d Annual Virtual Reality Software and Technology conference, VRST2017
    November 08 2017 – November 10, 2017, Gothenburg, Sweden

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