2018 List of Virtual Reality Events, VR Expo, Exhibitions & Conferences

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2018 List of Virtual Reality Events, VR Expo, Exhibitions & Conferences

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2018 List of Virtual Reality Events, VR Expo, Exhibitions & Conferences
Here is the list of virtual reality events, VR expo, exhibitions or conferences in 2018. Some are fully dedicated to virtual reality and some has connections or related with VR, AR (Augmented Reality), MR (Mixed Reality) and Immersive Technology. If you happen to know any other event to be listed, you may share it with us at the comment below.

Upcoming Virtual Reality Events in 2018…

CES 2018

This event will be held from 9th Jan till 12th January 2017 in Las Vegas. Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will also showcase some of the new line of products related with VR from the big companies and also startup.
Official Website: http://www.ces.tech/

XR Connects London

This event will be held from 22nd Jan till 23rd January 2017 in London. It is a global VR, AR and MR industry conference which is created by Steel Media. The target audiences are from hardware manufacturers, game developers, entertainment, experiential and education software creators, investors and media as well.
Official Website: http://www.xrconnects.com/london/

VR Oslo 2018

This event will be held on 14th Feb 2018 at Oslo Science Park, Norway. You can get the update on latest development in VR, AR, MR and 360 stuff in the research, health, media, industry and education.
Official Website: http://www.vroslo.no/vr-oslo-2018/

MWC 2018

This Mobile World Congress 2018 event will be held from 26th Feb till 1st March 2018 in Barcelona. Although the focus is on mobile but one of its conference is about VR which is titled “Virtual Worlds: Immersive Experiences”.
Official Website: https://www.mobileworldcongress.com/

Virtual Reality and Healthcare Symposium 2018

This symposium will be held from 5th March till 6th March 2018 in Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts. This event will focus on how to apply VR in healthcare sector.
Official Website: http://health18.vrvoice.co/

SXSW 2018

The South by Southwest Conference and Festivals will be held from 9th March till 18th March 2018 in Austin, Texas. This event is about the convergence of the interactive film and music industries. During this event, it will also touch on the Experiential Storytelling as well as VR/AR stuffs.
Official Website: https://www.sxsw.com/

IEEE VR 2018

The 25th IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces will be held from 18th March till 22nd March 2018 in Reutlingen, Germany. There will be a lot of interesting panels, tutorials and workshops that will conducted during the conference.
Official Website: http://www.ieeevr.org/2018/


This event will be held from 19th March till 20th March 2018 in San Francisco. Here you can learn how to create amazing, immersive VR and AR experiences for games and entertainment.
Official Website: http://www.gdconf.com/vrdc/

GDC 2018

This event will be held from 19th March till 23rd March 2018 in San Francisco. Game Developers Conference (GDC) is a huge professional game industry event. This conference will also has lectures, panels, discussions and tutorials on the VR topics.
Official Website: http://www.gdconf.com/


The NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference 2018 event will be held from 26th March till 29th March 2018 at Silicon Valley. Although it is a premier AI and deep learning event, but you can also witness their latest breakthroughs in virtual reality as well.
Official Website: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/gtc/

Laval Virtual 2018

This 20th Edition on VR and AR exhibition will be held from 4th April to 8th April 2018 in Laval, France. It will also showcase the most innovative solutions for the business as well.
Official Website: https://www.laval-virtual.org/

2018 Asia VR & AR Fair & Investment Summit

This fair and summit will be held from 3rd April to 5th April 2018 at China Import and Export Complex. Expected around 300 exhibitors will showcase their products during this event.
Official Website: http://www.vrarfair.com/

NAB Show 2018

This event is specially dedicated for the media, entertainment and technology professionals. It will be held from 7th April to 12th April 2018 in Las Vegas. It will also showcase the most comprehensive technology and production software for VR and AR for the content creators.
Official Website: https://www.nabshow.com/


The Facebook Developer Conference 2018 will be held from 1st May to 2nd May 2018 in San Jose, California. Since Facebook is the owner of Oculus, we expect there will be some updates or news on VR, AR or 360 stuffs as well.
Official Website: https://www.f8.com/

VRLA 2018

This event will be held from 4th May to 5th May 2018 in Los Angeles. It is a large virtual reality expo with the objective to build the awareness on the new generation of VR. Good for those very excited on the modern renaissance or VR, Augmented Reality and immersive technology.
Official Website: http://virtualrealityla.com/

5th ARVR Innovate Conference and Expo

This event will take place on 10th May 2018 in Dublin, Ireland. The focus this time is to get down to business with augmented reality and virtual reality technology.
Official Website: http://www.arvrinnovate.com

Future of Immersive Leisure 2018

This event will be held from 16th May to 17th May 2018 in Las Vegas. The main objective is to facilitate the understanding of the business opportunities and the constraints of immersive technology such as VR, AR and 4D in location-based entertainment. It also aims to be a networking platform to connect the attraction owners, investors and technology innovators.
Official Website: https://www.futureofimmersiveleisure.com/

VR World 2018

The 3rd Annual VR World 2018 event will be held in Olympia, London from 22nd May to 23rd May 2018. It can be considered as the largest VR, AR and MR event for business in Europe.
Official Website: http://www.vrworldevent.com/


This conference and expo will be held from 30th May to 1st June 2018 in Santa Clara, California. In the event, organization, startup and investor can learn why they must get into XR (short for VR, AR and MR) or risk getting left behind.
Official Website: https://augmentedworldexpo.com/

WVRF 2018

The World VR Forum 2018 will be held from 7th June to 10th June 2018 at Crans-Montana, Switzerland. This forum will discuss the challenges for developers, broadcasters and the industries in general.
Official Website: http://worldvrforum.com/

Miami VR Expo 2018

This event will be held from 7th June to 9th June 2018 at Hilton Hotel Downtown Miami, Florida. Beside VR, it will also look at AR and MR as well.
Official Website: http://miamivrexpo.com/

E3 2018

The Electronic Entertainment Expo will be held from 12th June to 14th June 2018 in Los Angeles, California. It is a mega and must-attend event to see and experience the future of video games.
Official Website: https://www.e3expo.com/

AR & VR World 2018

This event which is part of the TechXLR8 will be held from 12th June to 14th June 2018 in ExCel, London. The main objective is to develop the common standard for VR and AR in terms of planning, design, implementation, scalability and sustainability.
Official Website: https://tmt.knect365.com/ar-vr-world/

VRTO 2018

The Virtual & Augmented Reality World Conference & Expo 2018 will be held from 16th June to 18th June 2018 in Toronto, Canada. This is the symposium for experiential media and technologies. Here, they will explore arts, culture, technology and science via immersive technologies.
Official Website: https://conference.virtualreality.to/

2018 Augmented and Virtual Reality Conference

The conference will be held from 21st June to 22nd June 2018 in Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester. The main focus is to discuss on the power of AR and VR for business.
Official Website: https://www2.mmu.ac.uk/creativear/conferences/

XR On the Bay

This conference will be held from 25th June to 26th June 2018 in San Jose, USA. The focus is on “the tech of Hollywood”, including VR, AR, AI, Cloud Services, Blockchain, Post Production and others. Hence, that’s why the tagline is “Where Silicon Valley Meets Hollywood”. Sounds lot of fun…
Official Website: http://theadvancedimagingsociety.com/xr-on-the-bay/

Virtual Reality Summit Seoul

The World AR VR Expo & Conference 2018 will be held from 27th June to 29th June 2018 in Seoul, South Korea. The main agenda is on how to produce business success thru VR or AR.
Official Website: http://virtualrealitysummit.com/seoul/2018/

VR Expo

The expo will be held in Stuttgart, Germany from 5th July to 6th July 2018. Organised by Virtual Dimension Center (VDC) and lightshape, it will showcase the VR and VR professional applications for engineering, training, marketing and service sectors.
Official Website: https://www.vr-expo.de/


The UK Virtual Reality Festival will be held in London from 6th July to 7th July 2018. Brought to you by Ravensbourne, this event is designed to bring together artists, content creators and technologists to explore how VR can be harnessed to produce cutting-edge creative projects.
Official Website: http://www.vrukfest.co.uk/

WAVE 2018

The World AR VR Expo & Conference 2018 will be held from 27th July to 29th July 2018 at HITEX Exhibition Center in Hyderabad, India. It is the largest VR & AR expo and conference in India. Beside the standard VR and AR showcase, they will also have Cosplay segment as well. Cool…
Official Website: http://www.wavexc.com/


This event will be held in Vancouver, Canada from 12th August to 16th August 2018. Apart from VR, it will show the latest innovations in CG, digital art, animation, games, mixed reality and emerging technologies. Attendees can experience research, hands-on demos and potential to collaborate with others.
Official Website: https://s2018.siggraph.org/

AVAR 2018

The 2018 AES International Conference on Audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality will be held in Redmond, USA from 20th August to 22nd August 2018. This event is organized by Audio Engineering Society and will focus on the science, technology, design and implementation for the audio used in AR and VR.
Official Website: http://www.aes.org/conferences/2018/avar/

MWC Americas 2018

The Mobile World Congress Americas 2018 will be held in Los Angeles from 12th September to 14th September 2018. Some events are related with VR such as the forum titled “The Key to VR Adoption and Distribution: Creating and Delivering Dynamic Content to Mobile Users”. And also the conference on the use of VR, AR and biometrics to enhance the live experience.
Official Website: https://www.mwcamericas.com/


The “Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality Stories” will be held in Canada from 14th September to 16th September 2018. This event will focus on curating the best immersive story-driven content and aim to explore and nurture the platform for new forms of narrative.
Official Website: http://fivars.net/

EGX 2018

The UK’s biggest games event will be held in The NEC, Birmingham from 20th September to 23rd September 2018. There will be panel session discussing the current state of VR. They will also examine where virtual reality gaming currently stands and what next for VR.
Official Website: https://www.egx.net/egx

VR/AR Global Summit

This event will be held in Vancouver, Canada from 21st September to 22nd September 2018. There will be keynotes, industry tracks, demos, exhibitors, workshops and VIP party as well.
Official Website: http://www.thevrara.com/vr-ar-global-summit

VU: Defy Reality 2018

This event will be held in PARQ Vancouver, Canada from 21st September to 23rd September 2018. It is an experimental conference focusing on the emerging technologies in VR, AR and MR industry. It will also showcase the immersive technologies from different industries such as architecture, space, marketing, film, entertainment, training, medical and enterprise.
Official Website: https://virtualrealityreporter.com/vu-defy-reality-2018-september-21-23-2018/

Oculus Connect

This event will be held from 26th September to 27th September 2018 at San Jose McEnery Convention Center, California. This is a must attend event for all the hardcore VR fan.
Official Website: https://www.oculusconnect.com/


This Conference and Expo on Digital Reality will be held from 26th September to 27th September 2018 in Cologne, Germany. During this event, you can meet the most inspiring and advanced pioneers on AR, VR, MR, 3D, CGI, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning.
Official Website: https://www.digility.de/


This event will be India’s first VR Film Festival and Conference and it will be held from 5th October to 6th October 2018 in India.
Official Website: http://immersionvrfest.com


This key Extended Reality event in Australia will be held from 13th October to 14th October 2018 in Byron Bay, Australia. Alongside the Byron Bay International Film Festival’s (BBFF) established program of cutting-edge film content, this symposium encompasses a rich program of events, workshops and masterclasses - providing connections, skills and knowledge enhancement. It brings XR representatives and professionals from leading and emerging Australian and New Zealand VR/AR/VFX companies together along with key international Developers and Directors.
Official Website: https://www.bbff.com.au/co_lab_create/

Virtual Reality 20/20

The event will be held at The Stewart Hotel, New York on 16th October 2018. During this event, the participants can meet and connect with the executives and innovative creators from the VR and AR industries. There will also be discussions on ways to monetize the VR & AR content. You can also learn the best practices on VR filming techniques.
Official Website: http://www.vr2020summit.com/

VR Awards 2018

The event will be held at London on 16th October 2018. This special event celebrates the outstanding achievement of the people, industry and community in VR. It also offers a night of celebration and entertainment as well. The VR family should feel honoured to have this kind of event to acknowledge our achievement.
Official Website: https://awards.vrbound.com/

TC Sessions AR/VR 2018

This TechCrunch event focusing on AR and VR will be held in Los Angeles on 18th October 2018. It is designed to facilitate in-depth conversations, hands-on demos and networking opportunities with the content creators, industry leaders and game changers in VR and AR.
Official Website: https://techcrunch.com/events/tc-sessions-ar-vr-2018/

ISMAR 2018

The International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality will be held in Munich, Germany from 16th October to 20th October 2018. This prestigious event is supported and organized by IEEE Computer Society and IEEE VGTC.
Official Website: https://ismar2018.org/

VRS 2018

The Virtual Reality Strategy Conference will be held from 23rd October to 24th October 2018 in San Francisco, California. It is an annual executive conference dedicated to VR and AR. This event is produced by Greenlight Insights, the leader in virtual and augmented reality market intelligence.
Official Website: https://vrsconference.com/

VR Days Europe

This event will be held in Amsterdam from 24th October to 26th October 2018. There will be exciting keynotes, sessions, seminars and workshops during this event.
Official Website: http://vrdays.co/


Formerly known as VRDC, this event will be held at Westin St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco, California from 29th October to 30th October 2018. It is a premier conference of VR, AR and MR innovation. It will focusing on use cases for immersive experiences across industries such as entertainment, games, healthcare, industrial design, brand experience, education, training and others.
Official Website: http://www.xrdconf.com/

VRST 2018

This 24th ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology will be held in Japan from 28th November to 1st December 2018. It is an international forum for the purpose of exchanging the experience and knowledge among researchers and developers on VR, AR and MR.
Official Website: https://vrst.acm.org/vrst2018/

SIGGRAPH Asia 2018

The 11th exhibition and conference will be held from 4th to 7th December 2018 at Tokyo International Forum, Japan. This event is dedicated to those who are excited by research, science, gaming, animation, art, interactivity, education and emerging technologies revolving the computer graphics and interactive techniques.
Official Website: https://sa2018.siggraph.org/en

VRX 2018

The VRX Conference and Expo will be held from 6th to 7th December 2018 at Hilton Union Square, San Francisco, USA . VRX is the world’s leading network of senior-level VR and AR professionals, coming together with annual events across the US and Europe. Its flagship VRX 2018, in San Francisco, features 2 days of business insights, opportunities and solutions, with over 700 immersive tech decision makers and a programme of the world’s top VR & AR thought leaders, across consumer and enterprise VR & AR.
Official Website: http://events.vr-intelligence.com/vrx/

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