IEEE VR 2015: Virtual Reality Conference, Exhibitions & Symposium in France

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IEEE VR 2015: Virtual Reality Conference, Exhibitions & Symposium in France

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IEEE VR 2015 in France

Hi guys, looks like another big event is coming up next year. The event called “IEEE VR 2015“,  The Premier International Conference and Exhibition on Virtual Reality, will be held in Arles-Camargue-Provence in France somewhere in March 2015 next year. To be exact, the five days event is from 23rd March 2015 to 27th March 2015. For your info, this is the 22nd year of the conference event which started since 1993. During the early days, it was known as Virtual Reality Annual International Symposium. For next year, the new things introduced will be the full track of lab, projects presentations and also the industrial presentations as well.

So, who can participate in this IEEE VR 2015 conference? Well, most will be the researchers, end-users, industrial guys and also the virtual reality enthusiasts like us. We can also participate by submitting the papers, posters, lab or projects presentations, research demos, industrial presentations, tutorials, workshops, panels, videos or exhibiting products. Or just join to be fascinated and keeping up-to-date with the virtual reality world, news and industry.

To tell the truth, although the event is a virtual reality event, it also emphasized on other related or supporting areas such as virtual environments (VE), mixed reality (MR), augmented reality (AR), gaming, computer graphics, advanced display technology, teleoperation, telepresence and 3D user interfaces (3D UI) as well. Below is the flyer of the IEEE VR 2015 event.

IEEE VR 2015 Flyers

For your info, there will also be a colocated event called “IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces” (IEEE 3DUI 2015). For more information about this exciting IEEE VR 2015 event, you can visit its official website at

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