AUDICA from Harmonix will be release on Oculus Quest

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AUDICA from Harmonix will be release on Oculus Quest

AUDICA VR Shooter Game

There is good news for those who love the shooting game genre and at the same time is also the pride owner of Oculus Quest headsets. Soon, a VR Rhythm Shooter game called AUDICA from Harmonix will also be made available to the Oculus Quest platform. The target release date is just around the corner which is on 28th January 2020. Currently, the game is already available on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and also Steam which support headsets like Valve Index, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality .

To play the game, you need to perform a lot of shooting at the moving targets accompanied with the beat of soundtrack. While smashing the incoming targets, you will be listening to around 33 killer soundtrack. Some of it are “I Want U” from Alison Wonderland, “Collider” from Noisia, “The Space” from James Egbert and many more.

In terms of the graphics, it seems that the environment is much more richer and colorful than the “Beat Saber“. The virtual environment in AUDICA is set in a brightful, intense and mesmerizing cosmic arena.

Audica Environment

Audica Virtual Environment

However, the gameplay will be much different since in “Beat Saber“,  you are like using a pair of swords while in AUDICA, you will be holding something like a pistol or gun. In “Beat Saber“, your hands movement is more like slashing while in AUDICA it will be more like shooting. Without comparing much further, we think both “Beat Saber” and “AUDICA” are fun and exciting in their own way.

In AUDICA, that blue and orange weapons that you hold are called “Rhythm Blasters“. The gameplay embedded the precision shooting mechanics when you use them.

In terms of score, beside hitting the target, your timing and accuracy will also effect your mark. This score then will determine your place on AUDICA’s Leaderboards.

Audica Weapon

Weapon used in AUDICA

For your info, this shooter game is initially released in March 2019 and it is developed and published by Harmonix Music Systems. This Boston based video game company is also the one who developed the “Rock Band” and “Dance Central” game as well. Watch the trailer below to get a feel of AUDICA gameplay…

Well, it looks like it is lot of fun and a much welcomed additional family to Oculus Quest list of games. Can’t wait to play it. For more info about AUDICA on Oculus Quest, you can read it at:
1) AUDICA’s Official Website.
2) AUDICA in Oculus official website.
3) “Harmonix’s Audica will finally hit Oculus Quest on January 28” from Venture Beat.


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