“Moss” VR Adventure Game Review

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“Moss” VR Adventure Game Review

Moss VR Game Review

In this article we would like to review a popular VR adventure or journey based game called “Moss“. Just to let you know, this review is based from our own experience playing it using Oculus or Meta Quest 2. The experience might be differ for others. Anyway, we still hope we can help you by sharing our insights on it…

What is Moss Game?

Moss is a VR action-adventure type of game developed by Polyarc. This single user game was first released on 22nd May 2019.

In this game, you will control a cute, little female mouse named Quill. To save her uncle, she must go out from her comfort zone in a peaceful and beautiful village and start a risky journey across the woods, rivers and dangerous places. Along the way, you must help her to solve puzzles and fight some enemies that blocking her.

Below is the close up of the Quill character that we manage to take while playing the game. For the sake to show how cute she is 🙂

Quill Character in Moss
Quill Character in Moss

How is Moss Gameplay?

In this game, you will control our warrior, Quill, in third person perspective view. You can see both of your hands are presented by two glowing blue balls.

By using the touch controllers, you can control the direction where Quill will move. You also need to use the touch controller to get her to perform some actions such as climbing.

In this game, there are some puzzles that you are need to solve. For example to arrange the big blocks in order to go to next place. Here, you can use your controllers to move the blocks to help Quill pass through.

When it comes to battling the enemies, you may die if lose. Anyway, you can restart at the exact point where you start the battle.

How is Moss Graphics or Images Quality Looks Like?

For us, the graphics and images in this game are beautifully done. The artists and developers have really done a very good job to make the virtual surroundings and the atmosphere looks superb. Below is one of the example.

One of the Environment in Moss
One of the Environment in Moss

What We Do We Like Most About Moss?

The environment and scenery inside Moss are really awesome. Some of the places are really serene and can feel very calming. Combine with the wonderful background music, it really make us feel like in a fairy tale place or something like in the Hobbits’ village from “The Lord of the Rings” movie.

A Scenery in Moss
A Scenery in Moss

Any Room for Improvements for Moss?

Well, there are some part where the puzzles are too difficult for us to solve. We hope there are some way we can skip that puzzle if we don’t way to pursue solving it anymore. For example, during the waterwheel puzzle.

And there are some part where the battles are getting more difficult to win and we die so many times. Hope there are some cheat code on how to immediately win it.

For us, we would like to enjoy walking around the environment and appreciating the beautiful scenery in virtual reality rather than having an ever lasting battle. Well, maybe this will be different from others.

What is the Price of Moss Game?

Based on checking, as at 26th November 2022, you can get it at the price of USD 19.99 at Oculus Quest Store.

In Summary…

For us, it is a must have game for those who enjoy the adventure and journey type of game. No wonder this game has received many good reviews and have been nominated a lot in awards event. If you enjoy playing Moss, perhaps you would like to go for it sequel which is “Moss: Book II“.

We hope our Moss VR game review can benefit all of you out there. Have fun guys 🙂

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