University, College & School for Virtual Reality (VR) Courses & Training

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University, College & School for Virtual Reality (VR) Courses & Training

VR Learning Institution

Here is the list of the learning institutions such as university, college and school which offer courses or training on virtual reality subject. I’ll keep updating the list from time to time. The list below is in the alphabetical orders and not related to any ranking system.

Iowa State University
This university has a center called VRAC which stands for Virtual Reality Applications Center. It focuses on the study of interaction between the human and computers. URL:

Macquarie University
The university’s VISOR (Virtual & Interactive Simulations of Reality) Research Group are working on some aspect of virtual reality such as training simulations, graphics, computer games and interactive storytelling. URL:

Multimedia University (MMU)
This private university in Malaysia offers the Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons) Virtual Reality. The goal is to produce VR specialists who are proficient in creating real-time application with the objective of developing experential design. URL:

Nanyang Technological University (NUS)
This university has an immersive room facility at the Institute for Media Innovation that allows the viewers to be completely immersed in the virtual world. URL:

Newcastle University
The VR Suite in this university has a Virtual Environment (VE) with a 3-sided rear projection system. The motorized adjustment allow it to be configured as flat CADWall, a cubic immersive environment or any intermediate position. URL:

Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB)
This university has their own lab facility called VR-Lab where it is used as an arena to visualize the data and interact with it. URL:

Rowan University
The Rowan University Virtual Reality Lab has the capability to create realistic models of architectural features and make rapid changes to the design without the need for physical construction. URL:

Stanford University
This university has a Virtual Human Interaction Lab also known as VHIL. The purpose is to understand the people interactions in immersive virtual reality simulations. URL:

University at Buffalo
This university has a Virtual Reality Laboratory where the students and faculty are using it in area such as surgery, remote robotic control and future cyberphysical systems. URL:

University of Adelaide
The university’s SAVRC (South Australian Virtual Reality Centre) in Australian School of Petroleum enables the geoscientists to analyse and interpret seismic data, well logs, reservoir pressure and rock saturation data simultaneously. URL:

University of Maryland (UMD)
The Virtual Reality Lab (VRLab) in this university is specialized in the design of Smart Structures in virtual reality environment with the use of real-time interactive computer graphics, acoustics and touch sensing. URL:

University of Pittsburgh
The MVRC (Medical Virtual Reality Center) of this university is using the VR technology to examine the basic underlying factors contributing to postural control in persons with and without balance dysfunction. It also being used to explore new ways of treating balance disorders. URL:

University of Minnesota
This university has their own special lab for virtual reality purpose. The name is VRDL which stands for Virtual Reality Design Lab. URL:

University of Reading
This university has a Virtual Reality Research Group which use the immersive VR system to investigate how the brain represents a 3D scene when an observer moves around. URL:

University of Southern California (USC)
Under Institute for Creative Technologies, the Medical Virtual Reality group of this university is focusing the use of VR simulation technology solely for the clinical purposes. URL:

University of Twente
The Virtual Reality Lab (VR-Lab) in this university is used to facilitate multi-stakeholder decision making processes. URL:

The Glasgow School of Art
Here, they offer both postgraduate and undergraduate degrees in VR – the MSc in Serious Games and VR, and a BSc in Immersive Systems (with pathways in games & VR and in 3d modelling). URL:


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