The Ultimate Guide to VR or Virtual Reality

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The Ultimate Guide to VR or Virtual Reality

Ultimate Guide to VR
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Hi guys, here in “All Virtual Reality“, we aims to provide you with some useful guide to VR or Virtual Reality. We try our best so that the beginners to VR also can appreciate the guide that we provided. Well, let’s start…

What is VR?

VR stands for “Virtual Reality“. It refers to technology or platform that can generate or simulate the environment. If you are really new to virtual reality and would like to know more about, then this article provides you with the brief introduction to it. To help you further with the popular terminology used in VR, we also comes with the list of glossary that you can refer immediately.

Why Ultimate Guide to VR?

There are plenty of reasons why we love VR. One of it is the urge to feel like to be really there in the games that we played. For us, it is not enough to just played in front of the 2D monitor. We want to have the sensation to be blended in inside the virtual environment where we can move around in 360 degrees like in the actual world.

Some other reasons might be the great influence from the movies related with virtual reality. We want to looks so damn cool like the Neo character from “The Matrix” film. With this level of passion in VR, it drives us to produce this ultimate guide to assist you and the beginners on virtual reality.

History of VR

Virtual reality has come a long way since 1950s. There is an article on history and timeline of significant events in VR world if you would like to know more about it. We try our best to keep the history updated so we all can benefit from it. We think by knowing how far VR has evolved with time, we will appreciate it a lot more.

VR in Entertainment & Sports

At this moment, it seems that the most popular usage of VR is in the gaming. You can also enjoy the live streaming of the sports events like you are really there in the stadium. It is also can be used to experience the extreme sports from the comfort of your home as well.

We also try to keep the list of VR arcades and amusement parks so you can refer to it in case you plan to visit them in the future. One good thing is that, these sector provides major exposure to introduce virtual reality technology to the world.

Applications of VR in Real-Life

Along the way, we found out that there are many good applications of VR in the real life as well. For example is like the ability to perform virtual tours or trip especially during this pandemic time. There are also many other examples of real life applications of VR such as in medical, police, robotic, drones, architecture and many more. As much as possible, we would like to cover it and share it with you.

VR in Education

One of the areas that can benefit a lot from VR is education. Nowadays, people talk about experiential learning where the students can learn by doing it. VR provide a great tools to achieve this objective and at the same time minimizing the risk such as doing the Chemistry experiment. Once in a while, we will share with you latest news of VR in education as well.

News & Events

From time to time, we also shared with you some of the latest news and development in the VR industry. There are also many exciting events related with VR, AR and MR around the world that you might want to visit or be there physically or virtually so you’ll be up-to-date. We also keep the past VR events or exhibitions for your future references.

Top of the List

Once in a while we also comes up with our own version of the top of the list such as the Top Best Adventure Games, Best VR Apps for Seniors, Top Live Streaming and others. We try to ensure that we can provide the best guide and recommendation to you on the suitable VR apps.

We also have some articles focusing on the popular VR headsets at this moment such as the high end HoloLens, Oculus Quest 2 and also the low cost headset such as Google Cardboard. Sometimes, we also covered the story related with other VR peripherals such as motion tracking and capture devices.

VR Companies

VR companies and studios are still quite rare because it involves a lot of investment to build it. So we think that it is worthwhile to have some directory on the most prominent companies and organization in VR for our reference. It is quite challenging to keep up to date with the changes of the organization due to merger & acquisition, closure, sold etc. Anyway, we try our best to update the list accordingly.

Jobs, Careers & Money Making

So, with all the hoo-ha, is there any real money making machine in VR? Although it is still considered as a very niche industry, virtual reality also can provide you a platform to build up your careers and create job opportunity for those with the relevant skillset. If you have the courage and creative enough, there are many other possible ways for you to make money in VR. One of the example is by creating content, games and apps for it.

Issues & Concerns in VR

Apart from the fun stuffs in VR, we also acknowledge that there are still many open issues that yet to be resolved. For example are the challenges in the mobile virtual reality and the most popular is the motion sickness in VR. We try our best to also come up with the recommendation on how to overcome the issues for the benefit of all.

Study, Courses, Tutorials

Are you still excited with VR? If you are very serious in getting your feet inside the VR industry, there are many ways you can learn to master it. One of it is by studying and getting a certification or degree on it. Nowadays, there are many learning institutions such as university, college and school which offer courses or training on virtual reality subject.

Besides, we also provides some tutorials and guide that might be able to help you during your VR journey. This might be very useful especially to the beginners.


Lastly, we got some of our own made cartoons related with VR joke. Hope some of it can make you smile 🙂 We hope that this ultimate guide to VR can help you to more enjoy and appreciate the virtual reality.

The image above is by kalhh from Pixabay


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