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VR News Compilation List

VR News Compilation List

Here, we would like to share to you the compilation list of VR news that we have published in this website since year 2014.

VIVE Facial Tracker

VIVE Facial Tracker to Capture Mouth Movement

Imagine if your avatar in virtual world behave more like in real life. For example, in whatever direction you move your lips, then your avatar will follow suit such as a sneer or in awe look. Sounds cool, isn’t it? Recently, HTC introduce a device called “VIVE Facial Tracker” that would be able to detect…
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Microsoft Mesh the Mixed Reality Application

What is Holoportation in Microsoft Mesh Mixed Reality Platform?

If you can remember in year 2020, there is a viral where a boss accidentally turned herself into a “potato” during the entire online meeting because she accidentally turn on a filter during the session. Perhaps, this kind of incident will be less likely to happen with the new advancement in virtual meeting technology. Boss…
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PlutoSphere Cloud VR

Play Great VR Game without Powerful Computer with PlutoSphere

You heard about this great VR games title which is available in Steam or Epic Games Store. Let’s say “Half-Life: Alyx“. And there is an urge in yourself to try it out. You desperately want to experience it now, now. Unfortunately, to play this game, you need the computer with the powerful specs or also…
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