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Project Starline from Google

Improving Telepresence with Project Starline from Google

During this pandemic time, it’s now become a norm to have regular video conference with your family, friends and colleague using communication tools such as Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. Although the communication happen in real time and you can see their faces, but do you have a feeling that you and them are…
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Anime in VR from Viveport and Bandai

Anime in VR from HTC Viveport & Bandai Namco

For hardcore anime fan and at the same time a VR user too, this news must be exciting for you. Recently, HTC Viveport has announced that they are working together with Bandai Namco Pictures to bring the anime content to virtual reality platform. Sounds cool, isn’t it?

VR News Compilation List

VR News Compilation List

Here, we would like to share to you the compilation list of VR news that we have published in this website since year 2014 until now.

VIVE Facial Tracker

VIVE Facial Tracker to Capture Mouth Movement

Imagine if your avatar in virtual world behave more like in real life. For example, in whatever direction you move your lips, then your avatar will follow suit such as a sneer or in awe look. Sounds cool, isn’t it? Recently, HTC introduce a device called “VIVE Facial Tracker” that would be able to detect…
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