Crescent Bay, the Latest Prototype VR Headset announced in Oculus Connect

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Crescent Bay, the Latest Prototype VR Headset announced in Oculus Connect

Crescent Bay VR Headset
Crescent Bay, the Latest VR Headset from Oculus.

On 20th September 2014, Oculus VR announced their latest prototype VR headset during the Oculus Connect 2014 event. They named their latest baby, “Crescent Bay“. Is this the consumer version that we have waited for so long? Unfortunately, no. That’s why it is still a prototype but at this moment this is the best virtual reality headset they ever made.

What’s So Special about Crescent Bay?

Wow!! That’s sound so promising. But, what’s so special about this virtual reality headset prototype? Let’s just say that there is a big jump from “DK2“, their latest kit, to “Crescent Bay” which is the next step towards the consumer version. Well, that’s what Brendan Iribe, the Oculus CEO said during the Oculus Connect event in Hollywood recently.

Technically, the VR headset has a 360-degree head tracking, expanded positional tracking volume, lighter and more ergonomics. This headset able to perform the 360-degree tracking by letting Rift’s external camera to track the front and back of the headset. Hence, user’s movement will not be constrained by the camera’s range.

Furthermore, it has high-quality integrated audio headphones. This is to achieve the 3D audio which is the main focus for this prototype. With this kind of enhanced audio, it can improve the sound in virtual worlds so that it sounds more real and true to life.  To reach this new level of  immersiveness, Oculus have licensed the 3D audio technology from RealSpace3D at University of Maryland to make it happen. Awesome!!

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